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About us

What is Engagement?

Engagement (also referred to as ‘public’ and ‘community’ engagement) is about people inside universities interacting with those outside universities to share knowledge and research, collaborate on ideas, co-produce new approaches and enable curiosity, exploration and conversation. Through it everyone gains valuable interactions and insights, in turn contributing to societal development and progress

The WIE Mission

WIE's Mission is to support and help lead staff and students at Warwick to engage with the wider world.

As a University-wide Institute comprised of a core specialist team and wider Fellowship made up of staff, students and regional representatives, we deliver strategic co-ordinated engagement initiatives, programmes and funding both within the University and between the University and its key communities.

  • We run training for Warwick staff and students in order to ensure they are able to engage with the wider world in the most compelling and effective way possible and that they are recognised and rewarded for their work.
  • We teach the theory and practice of engagement directly to students, mentor staff across the University to develop their own engagement-focused modules and courses, as well as support students to undertake their own engagement projects and get involved with ours.
  • We host a continual programme of events on and off campus, providing our staff and students with the right opportunities to engage with the wider world on the topics that matter to us all.

Find out more about what WIE offers through our quick reference Infographic below, or by checking out the Get Involved pages. You can also click on the links below to meet the team and wider Fellowship, and find out about our Learning Circles.

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