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How to stay fit and active

Get healthier

From Warwick Sport to free online programmes, there's a lot of support and help out there to help you become more physically fit and active right now.

You might also want to look at the WHO's guidance to staying physically active during self isolation.

Warwick Sport

Free online classes

Warwick Sport has put together some free online fitness classes to help you to keep up with your physical and mental wellbeing, de-stress or simply provide a distraction. You can choose the right class for you, at a time that works for you.

Explore Warwick Sports' free online classes now

Download our free app

Download the Warwick Wellness app for iOS and Android to get the most out of the services of Warwick Sport when you train both indoors and outdoors.

Get your personalised training program, access all exercise instructions and videos and keep track of your results.


You can also check out the Warwick Sports' Content Core blog, which includes lots of great fitness and wellbeing inspiration.

More free fitness

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