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We’re Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Christmas 2020 is going to be very different from Christmas’ of the past but let’s make the most of it and make it a wonderful time of the year. It can be a season of waste, with mountains of packaging and left over food, as well as excessive energy use, so let us also make it a green Christmas.

There are lots of things we can all do whether you’re at home or on campus:

  1. Turn electrical items off in your work spaces – lights, printers, computers, monitors, screens etc. If you are not coming into the office please ask those that are to do this for you. Remember some specialist equipment may need to be left on so check with the responsible person.

  2. Turn the heating down by 1°C and make use of that Christmas jumper (it is recommended that your main living space should be between 18 - 21°C).

  3. Get LED decorations (which are 90% more efficient than standard).

  4. Use recyclable wrapping paper (no foil or glitter) and take tape off before recycling.

  5. Ensure all your cardboard is recycled to help reduce the likelihood of a cardboard shortage

  6. Save your cards for next year to cut up and use as labels. Consider sending e-mails instead to reduce paper use.

  7. Plan what you’re going to eat to save on food waste and make use of those left overs (current estimates suggest ~80% of Christmas food ends up in the bin. More food waste reduction tips).

  8. Support local businesses and local charities who support those in need.

  9. If you are able to travel to a holiday bubble for the 5 days (23-27th Dec) please remember to follow the rules and to also take sustainable modes of transport when possible.

  10. With New Year right around the corner consider making ‘being more sustainable’ your New Years Resolution. As the saying goes…there’s an app for that!

Wishing you a very happy and safe Christmas and a sustainable New Year!

The Environmental Sustainability Team

Find out more about what the University is doing and how you can make a difference both on and off campus. Follow the Energy and Sustainability Team on social media @WarwickUniSust #17SDGsOfChristmas.