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Esports Video Production



An important past of the event is the legacy, this pack will focus on video recording and video production!

The majority of esports revenue comes from sponsorships and viewership. Because of this, having the skills to record esports content and edit it to attract viewers is an essential skill within the industry!

This pack focuses on English and Computing and develops skills and areas such as:

  • Digital literacy
  • Video editing software experience: Openshot
  • Video recording software experience: OBS
  • Creativity
  • Production experience
  • Online Safety

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Our materials are divided in four, easy access packs that have clear links to the curriculum.

  • For each activity, there will be symbols that shows how they link to different subjects :
  • Things you’ll need

    • Computer suite with internet access
    • Computers should have the following website access or software installed
    • OBS Studio (Free to use)
    • Openshot Video Editor (Free to use)
    • Game to record and play