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MMN Training Day and Warwick Numismatics Day - May 2024

Join us at Warwick on the 9th of May 2024 for the MMN Training Day as we provide unique, hands-on learning opportunities to develop your skills in coin identification, metal analysis, as well as storage and display techniques for coin collections. Participants will gain practical knowledge from experienced professionals in the field of numismatics. There will also be a numismatic round table where attendees can discuss and exchange ideas on current issues and challenges in the field.

MMN Training Day Programme (FAB 2.23)

10.30: Check-in and coffee

10:45: Welcome and update to MMN (Campbell Orchard, Suzanne Frey-Kupper)

11:00: Metal analysis: Methods and purpose (Kevin Butcher)

12:00: Lunch break

13:00: Keynote paper: New Metallurgical Data for the Roman Silver Coinage of the 40s BC (Bernhard Woytek - Vienna)

14:00: Training session in Coin identification

15:30: Afternoon tea

16:00: Numismatics Round Table (Campbell Orchard)

16:30: Presentation of the RACOM exhibition and challenges in displaying coins and disseminating research, in the Antiquities Room FAB 2.23, followed by drinks (Kevin Butcher & Eleni Papaefthymiou)

Refreshments and drinks will be provided, only limited spaces are available.

We are also pleased to announce that the Warwick Numismatics Day will be held on the 10th of May 2024 as a joined event. Warwick's Numismatics Days serve as an excellent platform for showcasing current research as well as for developing new ideas, methodologies, and networks.

This year's theme is 'Coinage and the State: an Interdisciplinary Workshop on Coinage, Money & Economy'.

Warwick Numismatics Day Programme (FAB 5.03)

10:00: Welcome and coffee

Chair: Kevin Butcher

10:30: Keynote paper: Julius Caesar and the Transformation of Roman Coinage (Bernhard Woytek - Vienna)

11:30: Concepts of territorial currency (Kevin Butcher - Warwick)

12:00: Discussion

12.30: Lunch

Chair: Clare Rowan

13:30: Coinage and a ‘minor’ Hellenistic states: the case of Bactria (Simon Glenn - London)

14:00: The projection of states onto Iron Age coinage, and alternative ways of thinking about early money and the origins of the state (John Creighton - Reading)

14:30: Economy and exchange beyond the state: female token issuers in Rome and Ostia (Clare Rowan - Warwick)

15:00: Discussion

15:30: Tea break

Chair: Suzanne Frey-Kupper

16:00: Analysis of Axumite gold coins (George Green - Oxford and Paul Stavrinou - Oxford)

16:30: Paper related to the new edition of RIC IV.3 (Gordian-Aemilian) (Roger Bland - London)

17:00: Final Discussion

17:30: Kevin Butcher & Eleni Papaefthymiou Inauguration of the RACOM exhibition in the Antiquities Room FAB 2.23 followed by a drink reception.

Refreshments and drinks will be provided, only limited spaces are available.