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The Moors at Tara Arts

THE MOORS by Tonderai Munyevu ....


Two spirited men arrive in London looking for Shakespeare. They say they are from Balaika, Africa. They have passed through fire to be here and are determined for the great man to hear their stories.

Alas, Shakespeare is dead! However, his theatre still stands. Soon they find themselves swept up and placed on stage in front of an expectant audience. Fame, fortune, and two smitten actresses await. But, can they survive the hostile environment?

In triumphantly energetic style, two actors play men, women and immigration police to portray this funny yet moving story of love, friendship, and ambition. A vibrant and utterly engaging theatre experience not to be missed.

Written by Tonderai Munyevu, Directed and Produced by Arne Pohlmeier.

This new production is supported by Watermill Theatre, Newbury, and by Arts Council England.

Mon 22 October 2018, 17:22

Behind the scenes of The Strangers' Case

Behind the scenes filming The Strangers' Case, BBAShakespeare's Refugee Week video. Directed by Peter Trifunovic.

Hear Ibrahim Knight sharing his thoughts about playing Sir Thoms More and speaking Shakespeare's great indictment of prejudice.

Then spread the words.

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