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The Multicultural Shakespeare project's touring exhibition To Tell My Story has toured theatres, libraries, museums and schools all over the country since 2012. It contributed to two national online exhibitions which illustrate the achievements of Black and Asian Shakespeare.


'Would audiences walk out?': trailblazing British black and Asian Shakespeare

Guardian Online, March 12, 2015:

A new exhibition profiles landmark colour-blind and multicultural productions of Shakespeare starring actors including Paul Robeson, Josette Simon and Willard White. To Tell My Story, celebrating the achievements of British black and Asian actors, is on tour alongside Tara Arts’ production of Macbeth and from 22-30 April will be at Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, as part of a festival of multicultural Shakespeare on screen.

Here, Professor Tony Howard from Warwick University, introduces some of the productions.

Colour-blind casting: The untold history of Black and Asian Shakespeare

BBC Arts Online, April 27, 2015:

The history of colour-blind or non-traditional casting is a subject seldom explored, but the exhibition To Tell My Story, curated by Professor Tony Howard of the University of Warwick and currently touring the UK with Tara Arts' production of Macbeth, celebrates the ongoing journey of multicultural Shakespeare. NATALIE BUSHE finds out more.


For images of British Black and Asian actors in Shakespeare roles

Visit the Plays section of the British Black and Asian Shakespeare Performance Database.