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BBAS Events 2014



Key events in 2014 included...multicultural_shakespeare_image_sainthill_3_jpg_290x193_crop_q85.jpg

(Loudon Sainthill's costume design for Robeson's Othello: V&A)



Shakespeare's Globe

The first BBA Shakespeare exhibition, To Tell My Story, returned to Shakespeare's Globe."One of the most interesting exhibitions currently on,' (Londonpass 2013)



Bath Central Library: exhibition and public discussion


Discussions on BBC local radio black and Asian programmes


April - Victoria and Albert Museum: Multicultural Shakespeare
As part of the V&A Shakespeare Festival & the BBA Shakespeare project, this two-part sold-out event explored 'what Shakespeare means in today’s multicultural Britain, and how black and Asian artistic communities are responding to the Bard and his work. Shakespeare is a mirror for British cultural identity, its anxieties and ambitions. Who performs Shakespeare, when and how, helps define who we are as a community and how, collectively we see ourselves changing.' Listen to the debates HERE



Langley Academy: exhibition



BBA Shakespeare panel at the Congress of the International Federation of Theatre Research



Radio 4 documentary: Hamlet Undressed, with Kevin McCurdy and Tony Howard.


Radio 4 documentary: Hidden Histories of the Information Age: Tat-1: Paul Robeson, with Tony Howard. (Featured on Pick of the Week.)


2 - 18 October Mercury Theatre: exhibition. Accompanying Macbeth, with Nicholas Bailey as Macduff.

BBAS Honorary Fellow Nicholas Bailey has been instrumental in building links with the Mercury Theatre, Colchester this month. After having been cast as Macduff in Daniel Buckroyd's production of Macbeth, Nicholas arranged to have the BBAS Exhibit displayed in the foyer of the Mercury Theatre during the run of Macbeth in celebration of Black History Month. BBAS's Honorary Fellow and Research Assistant, Jami Rogers, went to the opening night of the play and talked with the Mercury's publicity team and members of the audience, who were interested in the history laid out in the foyer via the Exhibition.

BBAS Exhibition in Colchester

Above: The BBAS Exhibition displayed in the foyer at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester with (left to right): David Carr (Ross), Jami Rogers (BBAS) and Nicholas Bailey (Macduff & BBAS).



Shakespeare Birthplace Trust: Exhibiition. BBA Shakespeare team members in international conversation: 'Acting Against the Grain'. Part of the Being Human Festival.

acting against grain

... and in 2015...