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From Lucy Sheen:

... I attended the debate yesterday at the V&A and spoke with you briefly at the end about the production of Julius Caesar that was produced by the Bristol Old Vic in 1987.

This was the inaugural production for

Company 3.

Its remit was to encourage more black (St. Paul's area in Bristol, predominately black) to come to the theatre in King's Street. It was a bold initiative which ultimately failed in my personal opinion because of its success! The delicate balance relating to what and how Shakespeare should be done was not in our favour. We sold out at the New Vic and seats were added to the auditorium to accommodate as many people as possible.

I attach two photographs. We did have a photographer assigned to the production, Laurence Burns: he I am sure has more, as photographs were taken during rehearsals and, obviously, the run.

Andrew Blair
Kammy Darweish
Michael Fenner
Leo Wringer: Brutus
Ram John Holder: Caesar
Shope Shodeinde: Calpurnia
Peter Straker: Cassius
David Yip: Mark Antony
Lucy Sheen: Portia
Peter Salem: Composer
Fotini Dimou: Designer
Roger Rees: Director....