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Sound recordings

Suman Bhuchar and Tony Howard talk to Samir Bhamra about his production of Cymbeline (2013) with Phizzical Theatre:

The reason why the play spoke to me was I am of mixed-faith origin, both my parents eloped — they were both different religions and my mum was disinherited by her family: they refused to speak to her for the rest of her life. It spoke to me about a story I felt was very real, very today still.

 Listen to the conversation on Phizzical's production of Cymbeline


1984 was a watershed year because you get regional theatre being very proactive in casting minority ethnic performers in productions.

 Listen to Dr. Jami Rogers discussing the BBA Shakespeare Performance Database

and its launch at the Tricycle Theatre in 2016.


History is so empowering, if you can find the right stories.

Listen to Tony Howard talking about the Multicultural Shakespeare project

and discussing its international film season, Seeing Shakespeare Through Each Others' Eyes.