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Seminar: Prof. Steve Sturdy (Edinburgh) The Value of Discrimination?: clinical tests and the rise of genomic medicine

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Location: R0.12 Ramphal building, University of Warwick

Presentation, discussion and refreshments. All are welcome.

Please note change from usual location.

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Clinical use of diagnostic and prognostic tests has expanded enormously since the 1950s, and genetic and more recently genomic tests have been central to that expansion. The value of such tests is rarely questioned outside the healthcare setting, and only sporadically within it. But a focus on tests can tell us much about the nature of modern health care. What sorts of work do such tests perform, why is that work considered valuable, and how has that work and the values it embodies changed over the past half century? This presentation will use the evolution of genetic and genomic tests to address some of these questions.

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