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Previous PhD Students


Thesis Title


Thesis Title


Thesis Title

Louise Morgan

Dr Louise Morgan (2023)

'"Eat Better Not Less": Contextualising Orthorexia Nervosa in History'

John Wilmott

Dr John Wilmot (2022)

'The rise of dispensaries c1820-c1880: their contribution to health care in Warwickshire'

Ute Oswald

Dr Ute Oswald (2022)

'Entertainment in Nineteenth-Century Asylums'

Sophie Greenway

Dr Sophie Greenway (2022)

'Growing well: Dirt, health and the home gardener in Britain 1900-1970'

Ed Devane

Dr Ed Devane (2022)

‘Building the NHS: planning, public opinion and Britain's new state healthcare facilities, 1945 - 1974.’

Fabiola Creed

Dr Fabiola Creed (2020)

Advertising, stereotypes, and "addiction" : understanding sunbed representation in England, 1970s-1990s'

Andrew Burchell

Dr Andrew Burchell (2019)

‘Violence, Mental Health and the British schoolchild’

Shrikant Botre

Dr Shrikant Botre (2018)

'Sexual Modernity in Western India (1920-1960)'

Hye Jean Hwang

Dr Hye Jean Hwang (2018)

'Women and Depression in Interwar Britain: Case Notes, Narratives and Experiences'

Kate Mahoney

Dr Kate Mahoney (2017)

'"Finding Our Own Solutions": the Women's Liberation Movement, Contemporary Psychologies and Community-Based Mental Health Provision in Britain, 1960-1990'

Kyle Jackson

Dr Kyle Jackson (2017)

'Mizos, Missionaries, and Medicine: Religious and Medical Contact in Northeast India'

Rebecca Noble

Dr Rebecca Noble (2017)

'Locura e Inquisitión: Madness in 18th century Mexico'

Thomas Bray

Dr Thomas Bray (2016)

'In the gaps and on the margins: social work in England, 1940-1970'
Jennifer Crane

Dr Jennifer Crane (2016)

'The expertise of experience: representative associations and child abuse, 1974-2015'

Jane Hand

Dr Jane Hand (2015)

Visualising Food as a Modern Medicine: Gender, the Body and Health Education in Britain, 1940-1992'

Anne Moeller

Dr Anne Moeller (2015)

'The Economics of Philanthropy: Halle Pietism and the International Medical Trade'

Claire Sewell

Dr Claire Sewell (2015)

'The emergence of the carer: mental health care in England and Wales, c1946-99'
Josette Duncan

Dr Josette Duncan (2014)

'Charity, institutions and dominion in British colonial Cyprus, Malta and the Ionian Islands (1800-1914)'

Darshi T

Dr Darshi Thoradeniya (2014)

'Women's Health and Body in Post Independent Sri Lanka'

Martin Moore

Dr Martin Moore (2014)

'Chronicity in the Twentieth Century:Diabetes in Post-War Britain'

Rebecca Williams

Dr Rebecca Williams (2014)

'The Khanna Study: Population and Development in India, 1953-1969'
Emily Andrews

Dr Emily Andrews (2014)

'"Senility before Alzheimer": Old Age Mental Health in British Medicine, Politics and Culture, 1845-1914'

David Beck

Dr David Beck (2013)

'Thoroughly English: County Natural History, c. 1660-1720'

Harriet Palfeyman

Dr Harriet Palreyman (2012)

'Visualizing Venereal Disease in London, c.1780 - 1860'

Gabrielle Robilliard

Dr Gabrielle Robilliard (2011)

'Midwifery in Early Modern Germany 1650-1810'
Stephen Soanes

Dr Stephen Soanes (2011)

Rest and Restitution: Convalescence and the Public Mental Hospital in England, 1919-39'

Dr Judith Lockhart

Dr Susan Aspinall (2009)

Nurture as well as Nature: Environmentalism in Representations of Women and Exercise in Britain from the 1880's to the Early 1920's'
Brooke Whitelaw

Dr Brooke Whitelaw (2009)

'Industry and the Interior Life: Industrial 'Experts' and the Mental World of Workers in Twentieth Century Britain'

Katherine Foxhall

Dr Katherine Foxhall (2008)

'Problematising the Progress and Conditions of Disease at Sea: Irish and British Emigrant and Convict Voyages to Australia, c. 1800 – c. 1880'

Dr Judith Lockhart (2008)

'Truly a Hospital for Women: the Birmingham and Midland Hospital for Women, 1871-1948'
Judith Lockhart

Dr Kathryn Miele (2008)

'Representing Empathy: The Defense of Vulnerable Bodies in Victorian Medical Culture'

Lisa Petermann (nee Grant)

Dr Lisa Petermann (nee Grant) (2007)

'The Development of Pediatrics in France and England, 1760-1882'

Dan O'Conner

Dr Dan O'Conner (2007)

'Breaking Sex: Conceptions and Receptions of Gender Identification in Medical Science and Mass Media 1950-2000'

Dr Sheryl Root (2005)

'Healing, Touch and Medicine, c. 1890-1950'

Dr Jane Adams (2004)

'The Mixed Economy for Medical Services in Herefordshire, c.1770-1850'

Vicky Long

Dr Vicky Long (2004)

'Changing Public Representations of Mental Illness in Britain, 1870-1970'

Cathy McClive

Dr Cathy McClive (2004)

'Bleeding Flowers and Waning Moons: A History of Menstruation in France, c.1495-1761'