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Current Research Projects

Research Culture forms an important part of the Centre, covering a specialist range of subjects and interests relating to the academic strengths in the History of Medicine at Warwick.

Hilary Marland has recently been awarded funding to start work on a new Investigator Award project, 'The Last Taboo of Motherhood: Postnatal Mental Illness in Twentieth-Century Britain'.

Fabiola Creed and Kelly-Ann Couzens are also working on this project.

Please see the People - Current Student Researchers page to view the research topics of our current students.


Building on her portfolio of work on migration and medicine (e.g., Contagious Communities, 2015) Roberta Bivens is looking at technologies and practices of border control, and their intersections with biomedicine. From quarantines and 'excludable conditions' to X-rays and DNA, Britain's borders have long been medicalised. But what does that mean for migrants, medical practitioners, and communities? Does the medicalisation of borders provide any public health benefits (a matter of some urgency in Covid times), or is it just another instance of the biopolitics of privilege?