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Academic Staff

Roberta Bivins

Professor Roberta Bivins

Director of the Centre and Coordinator, MA in the History of Medicine

Specialisms: Medicine, ethnicity and immigration in the 20th century; domestic medical technologies; post-war medical research and healthcare delivery patterns in the UK and USA.

Jamie Banks

Dr Jamie Banks

Specialisms: History of drugs in the British Empire and post-colonial Britain. My current research explores the histories of cannabis, race, and mental illness in post-war Britain, with a specific interest in the social and health inequalities experienced by Black communities in the 1980s and 1990s.

Doreen Kembabazi

Dr Doreen Kembabazi

Specialisms: 19th/20th Century East Africa, Ethnicity, Nationalism, Slavery, Gender, Women, Reproductivity, Sexuality, Dress and fashion, Urbanization.

Sophie Mann

Dr Sophie Mann

On Maternity Leave

Specialisms: History of science, medicine, and religion

Hilary Marland

Professor Hilary Marland

Specialisms: History of psychiatry; migration and mental illness; the health of adolescent girls; household medicine; midwifery and childbirth; medical practice in the nineteenth century.

Claire Shaw

Dr Claire Shaw

Specialisms: History of Russia and the Soviet Union; the formation of Soviet identity; the history of disability and marginality; contemporary Russian fashion and Soviet public space.

Elise Smith

Dr Elise Smith

On Study Leave 2023-24

Specialisms: The history of medicine in Britain and the British Empire during the modern period.

Claudia Stein

Dr Claudia Stein

On Study Leave 2023-24

Specialisms: Medicine and science in early modern Germany (1500-1800); enlightenment science and medicine, strategies of biopower (1800-today); visual culture and medicine (1500-today); the history of epistemology.

Mathew Thomson

Professor Mathew Thomson

Specialisms: 19th and 20th century British history; history of social policy; psychology and eugenics.

Anna Toropova

Dr Anna Toropova

Joining September 2024

Specialisms: The cultural and medical history of Russia and the Soviet Union; cinema and the transformation of the human subject; intersections between medical knowledge, cinematic technology, and psycho-physiological reforging in the early Soviet period