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Additional Research Writing


A series of nine short, illustrated briefing sheets have been produced to complement the drama and provide background information. Please use the menu above to read them.

They are:

"The ready-made nucleus of degradation and disorder"?: Crime and the Irish in the Nineteenth Century by Jenny Crane

The "hospital and cemetery of Ireland": The Irish and Disease in Nineteenth-Century Liverpool by Stephen Bance

"Kin to Nobry": The Irish, Migration and Isolation in Nineteenth-Century Lancashire by Claire Sewell

'Receptacles for the Insane': Accommodating Pauper Lunacy in Nineteenth-Century Lancashire by Catherine Cox and Hilary Marland

Irish Migration to Liverpool and Lancashire in the Nineteenth Century by Laura Kelly

The Irish, Politics and Sectarianism in Nineteenth-Century Liverpool by Laura Kelly

Poverty, Welfare and Insanity amongst Irish Migrants by Jane Hand

"Shattered in bodily health and condition": Treatment and the Irish in Nineteenth-Century Lancashire Asylums by Stephen Bance

"A peculiar tramping people": The Wandering Irish and Mental Breakdown in the late Nineteenth Century by Catherine Cox and Hilary Marland