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Printed Images

This page contains data to accompany 'Possessing the Visual: The Materiality of Visual Print Culture in Later Stuart Britain' in James Daybell and Peter Hinds, Material Readings in Early Modern England (Palgrave, forthcoming).

Table 1: Printed Images relating to the Popish Plot

1.       A Poem on the Effigies of Sir Edmund-Bury Godfrey, licensed 28 Nov. 1678, Luttrell price 2d. There is a slightly different state in the Bodleian, with a reworked central portrait, and with an imprint of Thomas Cross.

2.       The Devil's Darling [1678/9?] BM Sat. 1068.

3.       Babel and Bethel: or, The Pope in his Colours (Langley Curtis publisher, 1679), BM Sat. 1076

4.       England’s Grand Memorial (Thomas Dawks publisher, 1679), BM Sat. 1064

5.       A Tale of the Tubbs or Romes [M]ast[er Peice Defeated] / If England's Prayers be heard, and Senate sit; Down goes proud Rome, Frenc[h Arms, and Northern Wit. (printed date 11 Nov 1679, ‘Printed for the Loyal Protestant at the Sign of the True Englishman in Great Britain’), advertised Domestick Intelligence or News Both from City and Country, Friday, January 9, 1680 as being sold by Benjamin Harris and other booksellers. Dated by Luttrell as 9 Jan. 1679/80. BM Sat. 1071.  

6.       The Solemn Mock Procession of the Pope, Cardinalls, Jesuits, Fryers &c (probably by Francis Barlow; Jonathan Wilkins publishers, 1679; and then by Dorman Newman and Sam Lee), BM Sat 1072. Advertised 9 Jan. 1680, 6d [Domestick Intelligence]; 3 Apr. 1680 [Mercurius Civicus]. Copied (reverse) as the woodcut frontispiece for Benjamin Harris’s The Protestant Tutor (1679).

7.       The Catholick Gamesters [by Stephen College; William Marshall publisher 1679], BM Sat. 1077, Printed date 14 Feb. 1680; Luttrell date 16 March 1680 [not entered in Trade Catalogue until June 1680].

8.       The Committee or Popery in Masquerade (Henry Brome publisher, 1680), BM Sat. 1080. Probably from an idea by Roger L’Estrange. Luttrell price 1s but Term catalogue 6d [Arber, Term Catalogue, i. 398]. Luttrell date 15 Apr. 1680. Copied by BM Sat. 1081.

9.       The Devill's Tryumph over Romes Idoll. BM Sat. 1079 [by Franics Barlow]. Luttrell date 15 Apr. 1680

10.   Strange’s Case, Strangly Altered (by Stephen College, 1680), BM Sat. 1083, Luttrell date 26 Oct. 1680

11.   The Solemn Mock Procession (Jonathan Wilkins, Nathaniel Ponder and Sam Lee publishers, 1680), BM Sat 1085. reproduced by Monteyne as image 4.10

12.   Englands Misery, Romes Trechery & Hell Bred Cruelty (Jonathan Wilkins, Nathaniel Ponder and Sam Lee, 1680), continuation of BM Sat. 1085. Ashmolean, reproduced in Monteyne as image 4.20.

13.   The Solemn Mock Procession (possibly by Stephen College; John Oliver, Langley Curtis and T Fox publishers, 1680), BM Sat. 1084. Luttrell date 1 Dec. 1680.

14.   The Contents (Hats for Caps) Contented [by Stephen College, 1680], BM Sat. 1087, Luttrell date 8 Dec. 1680.

15.   A Representation of the Popish Plott in 29 Figures (publisher Robert Greene) [? 1680], BM Sat. 1067, based on the Horrid Popish Plot cards. Reproduced Monteyne as image 4.12

16.   The Dreadful Apparition; Or, The Pope Haunted with Ghosts (by Francis Barlow, J.Jordan publisher, 1680) BM Sat. 1091.

17.   The Earl of Shaftsbury's loyalty revived: or, The Popish Damnable Plot (Richard Baldwin, 1681). The copy in the Bodleian [Wing / 2706:01] and available on EEBO is slightly different to the one in the BM.

18.   The Raree Show [by Stephen College, 1681], March

19.   A Prospect of a Popish Successor / Mack-Ninny [by Stephen College, 1681], BM Sat. 1110, printed date 21 Mar. 1681.

20.   The Happy Instruments of Englands Preservation (Benjamin Combe publisher, anon after design by Francis Barlow, 1681), BM Sat. 1114. Luttrell date 27 Apr. 1681.

21.   A Scheme of Popish Cruelties: or A Prospect of what wee must expect under a Popish Successor (Benjamin Harris publisher, 1681), reproduced in Monteyne as image 4.22

22.   A True Narrative of the Horrid Hellish Popish-Plot …The First Part [1682] BM Sat. 1092. Luttrell date 15 May 1682, ‘A burlesque on the Popish Plott’.

23.   A True Narrative of the Horrid Hellish Popish-Plot …The second part [BM Sat. 1093] was dated by Luttrell 1 June 1682.


Table 2. Separate sheet prints relating to the Sacheverell trial and the partisanship it fostered.

a)      Prints about the trial without an obvious partisan bias:

1.      A True and exact view and description of the court for the tryal of Dr. Henry Sacheverell (1710), Luttrell date 28 Feb.1710, 1d

2.      The modern champions: or, a tryal of skill to be fought at Her Majesty's Bear-Garden, on Wednesday next, between a Jereboam Tory, and a Jerusalem Whig: with their two seconds (1710). Luttrell annotation,1d. 24. Feb. 1709/10.

3.      Religion tos't in a blanckit (1710) BL, broadside, shows a dissenter and a churchman tossing the Pretender and the French King, with symbols of popery. ECCO

4.      The scaffold for the tryal of Dr. Hen. Sacheverell [1710?], Bodleian.

5.      A description of the high court of judicature for the tryal of Dr Henry Sacheverell (John Morphew publisher), 3d, Luttrell date 30 Mar. 1710

6.      The Emblem. Madan-Speck # 981. BL Sach. 445(11), by Laroon.

b)     Prints Sympathetic to Sacheverell:

6.      Faction Display’d (1709) BM Sat. 1508

7.      The Three Champions. / The British Censor  (J.Baker, publisher) [1710?] BM Sat. 1510

8.      The Schismatical attack or ye Church Besieg’d [1710?] BM Sat. 1502

9.      Aliquid Pro Nihilo Ducant [1710] BM Sat 1520

10.  A Youth Seated [1709?] BM Sat. 1514 with portrait of Sacheverell on the wall

11.  The Picture of a True Fanatick [1710] BM Sat. 1548 

12.  Quod Risum (1709) BM Sat. 1504

13.  Roundhead and Whigs Compar’d [1709] BM Sat 1494 [a reworking of a satire against the first whigs, see discussion below]

14.  A British Janus [1709/10] BM Sat. 1505

15.  The Apparition or Low C_h Ghost (1711) BM Sat. 1569

16.  Wonders upon Wonders. In answer to the Age of Wonders (Sutton Nicholls, publisher) [1710] BM Sat. 1549 advertised Evening Post 2-5 Dec. 1710. The Age of Wonders referred to was a poem [Madan-Speck #881]

17.  An Historical Emblematical Fan in Honour of the Church of England (1711) BM Sat. 1525.

18.  A ‘copper plate’ described by White Kennett, The Wisdom of Looking Backward (1715), pp.13-14, no copy traced [Madan-Speck # 950]

19.  The High Church in its Glory or Truth oposd [sic] to Falshood [?1710; printed and sold by Sutton Nicholls]. Madan-Speck # 972; BL Sach. 445 (18)

20.  Jack Ketch’s new and fashionable auction of choice and valuable books (Henry Clements, publisher, 1710), National Library of Scotland Shelfmk: Miscellaneous broadsides 981.

21.  Fools Paradise; or, Dr Sacheverel’s new hospital for loggerheads [1710] Madan-Speck #977, listed as BM but apparently misplaced; no other copy known.

22.  Love and Divinity United [Madan-Speck #964]. Broadside, Bod 2802 c.1.

c)      Prints Hostile to Sacheverell (but see also d)

21.  The Picture of a high-church-man (1709) ECCO

22.  Nam Vos Mutastis & Illas [after Albert Flamen, 1710?] BM Sat. 1506

23.  To the Immortal Memory of that Renowned Manager and Hero, who obtain'd a Signal Victory over the Spanish Forces [1710] BM Sat. 1530, printed price 3d, entered at Stationers hall on 9 Oct. 1710 [Madan-Speck #974]

24.  Mobbs idol or ye pad lockt trumpeter [c.1710]. Madan-Speck # 979; Ashmolean Museum  B. II. 558

d)     Prints in Dialogue 1709-10

24.  The Living Man’s Elegie [1710?] BM Sat. 1527

25.  answered by An Answer to the Liveing Mans Elegy(1710) BM Sat. 1545

26.  The Three Pillars of the Church by J[ohn] F[aber ], mezzotint 1710 BM Sat 1535

27.  answered/paralleled by The Three Occulists (by ? Francis Hoffman, 1711) BM Sat. 1570, 2d


29.  answered by THE HIGH CHURCH CHAMPION pleading his own Cause (1709) BM Sat. 1499 and

30.  To the unknown AUTHOR of the HIGH CHURCH CHAMPION(1709) BM Sat. 1501

31.  Guess att my meaning (with a false Geneva imprint) BM Sat. 1503, attacking Benjamin Hoadly. Very similar to (and may have been copied by)

32.  View here the Pourtrait of a Factious Priest [1710] BM Sat. 1533, with probably false imprint of Amsterdam, and library of whig books, 2d, annotated identifying Hoadly

33.  Needs must when the DEVIL drives, or an Emblem of what we must expect if High-Church gets uppermost (1709?) BM Sat. 1496. Madan-Speck # 967 gives May as possible date.

34.  answered by Like Coachman, LIKE CAUSE, or An Emblem of what we must expect, if Low Church gets uppermost [1709?] BM Sat. 1497 Madan-Speck #966 gives May as possible date.

35.  and possibly also by The Jacobites Hopes [1710?] BM Sat. 1495.

36.  The Whigs Idol [1709?] BM Sat. 1509 vs Hoadley (with 1641 around his portrait)

37.  answered by The Modern IDOL or Kiss my A_se [1710?] BM Sat. 1513 against Sacheverell

38.  and possibly in turn by Mobbs idol or ye pad lockt trumpeter [1710], Ashmolean, Madan-Speck #979.

39.  The Funeral of the Low Church (1710), advertised Flying Post 11-14 Nov. 1710 and 12 Dec 1710 Post Boy, sold by W Pennock at the Picture shop in Pannier Alley, 2d (‘where is also to be had Faults on Boath Sides’ 1d.)

40.  was published ‘in opposition to a spurious one’ [Evening Post #210, 14 Dec.  1710]

41.  The Whig’s Medley (by George Bickham, 1711) BM Sat. 1571

42.  answered by An Answer to the Whigs Medly (1711) BM Sat. 1571


Table 3. Playing Cards

  1. The Late Horrid Popish Plot (1), advertised 21 Oct. 1679 in Benjamin Harris’s Domestick Intelligence # 31 as being 1s 6d, sold at the Kings Arms, Poultry (where Dorman Newman had his shop), and Peacock in St Pauls churchyard(where Robert Clavell had his shop), showing the several consults for killing the king and extirpating protestant religion; the murder of Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey; and trials of the conspirators. Advertised again in the True Domestick Intelligence # 35, 4 Nov. 1679, focusing on the Popish Plot.
  2. The Horrid Popish Plot (2) – an advert in Nathaniel Thompson’s True Domestick Intelligence or News Both from City and Country (London, England), Tuesday, December 9, 1679 # 45: ‘Some persons (upon what design is best known to themselves) are (as we are informed) causing some new cards to be Engraven on Copper, wherein they intend (somewhat like the Compendium of the late Trials) to leave out the material things and put ridiculous Stories in the place, and such as have no connexion nor congruity. Now that the Buyer be not deceived, he is desired to take notice that all Cards of the late Plot, that have not the names of the first Inventors on their cover viz Jonathan Wilkins and Jacob Sampson, are counterfeit. The Price of the true Sort is 1s the Pack.’
  3. History of all the Popish Plots (3) – reproduced Whiting, chapter 3; published by Randal Taylor and Benjamin Harris; advertised in Mercurius Domesticus 19 Dec. 1679; plots from 1588 to the Popish Plot ‘all of them so contrived that a child that can but read English will be acquainted with a chronicle for above 100 years past of all the bloody purposes and devilish designs of the Papists against the Protestant Religion .. The like not extant. Some persons that care not what they say so they can get by it, lying being as essential to them as eating, for they can as soon live without the last as the first, have endeavoured to asperse this Pack by a malicious libel intimating that it did not answer what is proposed: the contrary is evident to any person that shall peruse them … the aspersers of this Pack do plainly show themselves Popishly Affected’.  Domestick Intelligence or News Both from City and Country (London, England), Friday, December 26, 1679 # 50, ‘the like not extant’. 1s. See also A Representation of the Popish Plot
  4. The Papists Hellish Plot Made Visible (4) advert in Domestick Intelligence or News Both from City and Country (London, England), Tuesday, December 30, 1679 # 51, ‘There was lately published in a Pack of Cards the Papists Hellish Plot made visible: Methodically explained in 52 figures, lively representing their Designs, not formerly published, viz 1. To extirpate the Protestant Religion 2. To murder his Majesty 3. Sir Edmondbury Godfries murder 4. Their Firing London, Southwark and other Places; Their manner of carrying on, their Cruelties in, and their Gains by those Fires 5. The Proof and Demonstration of the Plot. Also a Book may be had with each Pack, clearing the History, Discovery and his Majesties Evidence Mr Oates, Mr Bedlow, Mr Dugdale &c Approved by one of the first and not least Considerable of the Discoverers, Printed for I and T Dawks, in Blackfryars, and are sold by Mr Goodall at the Golden Cross by the Exchange, Mr Jones in Little Britain, Mr Daper athe Golden Ball near Aldgate, Mr Martin at the Hen and Chickens in Cheapside, Mrs Ellen Ickins at the end of Pauls Alley in St Paul’s Church-yard, Mr Lacy at the Golden Lyon near St Thomas’s in Southwark, Mr Husbands in Shadwell near the Market’.
  5. Popish Plot (5) – perhaps a reissue of Popish Plot (1) Advert in True Domestick Intelligence # 50, 26 Dec. 1679 suggested ‘These have something  more than the first have, and yet nothing left out that was in them nor any old impertinent things added’. Published by Robert Walton at the Globe on north side of St Paul’s Churchyard, 8d or ‘you may have them in sheets to adorn studies and houses. There is likewise a broadside with an almanack, and some of the aforesaid pictures about it, which may not be unfitly called the Christian Almanack fit for Shops, Houses and Studies’, 6d.
  6. Spanish Armada  [reproduced in Whiting, chapter 1]
  7. The Popish Damnable Plot against our Religion and Liberties (6), Arber, Term Catalogues, i. 430, for February 1681.
  8. Meal Tub Plot. Based on drawings by Francis Barlow in the BM. The pack refers to events as late as March 1681 and must therefore have been produced after that date.
  9. The Knavery of the Rump (published by R.T ie Randal Taylor). Listed [Arber, Term Catalogues i. 372], as being sold at the Peacock in St Paul’s churchyard, the location of Robert Clavell’s shop; reproduced Whiting chapter 2, but misdated as 1681. The pack uses 7 sketches by Barlow surviving in the BM [Wayland, p.3]]
  10. The Late Horrid Fanatical Conspiracy [i.e. Rye House Plot] 1683, advertised in the London Gazette October 25, 1683 # 1872, published by Dan Brown and Arthur Jones, 1s. Reproduced Whiting, chapter 6.
  11. The Two Rebellions 1685 [Monmouth and Argyle], advertised in the London Gazette # 2085, 9-12 Nov. 1685, published by D[an] Brown and A[rthur] Jones, 1s. Reproduced in Whiting chapter 7.
  12. Orange Cards, representing the late King’s reign and Expedition of the Prince of Orange (viz) The Earl of Essex’s Murther. Dr Otes whipping. Defacing the Monument. My Lord Jeffries in the West. Hanging of Protestants. Magdalen College. Trial of the Bishops. Castlemain at Rome. The Popish Midwife. A Jesuit preaching against our Bible. Consecrated Smock. My Lord Chancellor at the Beds-feet. Birth of the Prince of Wales … to which is added the Effigies of our gracious K. William and Q. Mary, curiously illustrated and engraven in lively Figures; done by the performers of the first Popish-Plot cards’ sold by Dorman Newman [Dorman Newman’s Mercurius Reformatus # 11, 17 July 1689] An advert in the same periodical for 4 Sept added ‘and is the only true Sort; if there be any others they are counterfeit’. Probably designed by Francis Barlow [reproduced Whiting chapter 9]. In 1690 Newman produced Fortune Telling/Astrological Cards [Mercurius Reformatus December 5, 1690 # 22].
  13. Revolution Cards, similar to the previous item but with different and inferior set of images. Reproduced Whiting, chapter 8.
  14. Queen Anne’s Cards, advertised The Post Man # 1362, 30Dec/2 Jan. 1704/5 and Daily Courant 1  Jan. 1705 # 846, price 1s 6d, published on 1 Jan. 1705 by H. Newman, Mrs Baldwin, Mrs Bond, Mr Wootton, Mr Cook and Mr [Samuel] Fullwood. Reproduced in Whiting, chapter 10.
  15. Victory Cards celebrating Marlborough’s victories [advertised The Observator # 766, 18 Oct.  1707 and Observator  October 18, 1707 # 67], published by B Bragge and J Brommhead, J. How and J. Morphew, 1s.’the whole contriv’d not only to divert the Ingenious, but to hand down to Posterity the stupendous Victories obtain’d by the Arms of her Majesty’.
  16. A Touch of the Times; or New Ministry Cards. In which the Proceedings against Dr Sacheverell, the late Changes at Court, the Dissolution of the last Parliament, and several other Particulars of the glorious Reign of our Gracious Queen Anne, are fully Explain’d and curiously Engrav’d’, sold By John Lenthall, advertised British Mercury October 12, 1711 #244.; to be published on 23 Oct. 1711. By Gabriel Pink according to Whiting.