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The Metapictorial: East and West

A copy of the conference programme, with details of the event can be downloaded here:

The Metapictorial: East and West(PDF Document)

Plenary Lecture: Elizabeth Cropper

'Portraying Beauty: Parmigianino, Raphael and Titian', Elizabeth Cropper, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.


Panel 1: Lorenzo Pericolo and Michael Fried

'The Self-Aware Image Twebty Years Later', Lorenzo Pericolo, Univeristy of Warwick 

'Painting Distance', Michael Fried, John Hopkins University


Panel 2: Craig Clunas and Victor Stoichita

'Metapainting and the Chinese Example', Craig Clunas, University of Oxford

'From Alberti's Finestra Aperta to Hitchcock's Rear Window: the Scopic Drive in Painting and Film', Victor Stoichita, University of Fribourg


Round Table

Round Table question and answer panel chaired by Elizabeth Cropper with Lorenzo Pericolo, Michael Fried, Craig Clunas and Victor Stoichita