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Dissertations and Theses

Clicking on any of these brings up the abstract and download page, which has 'next' and 'previous' buttons allowing you to browse through all our dissertations (and download them, subject to permissions). Clicking the 'pages to go' tab in the top-left will give a printable list of all the pages below this one, allowing you to see all the abstracts on one page. A comment tab is also available at the bottom of each dissertation page to set up a constructive dialogue between audience and author.


Stephan Bos, Item “to the litle god xvj d”: Late Medieval Festivity and its Reform, 1450-1642

Meike Fellinger, “All man’s pollution does the sea cleanse”: Revisiting the Nabobs in Britain, 1785-1837

Fae Honeybell, Cunning Folk and Wizards in Early Modern England

Matthew Jackson, Women, Drink and Agency in Early Modern England and France

Hannah Johnson, The Representation of Old Age in Early Modern Ballads

Emily New, Family Favouritism and Sibling Rivalry In Early Modern England

Caroline Spence, Smuggling in Early Modern France

Laura Spence, Women Who Murder in Early Modern England, 1558-1700

Melissa Tan, The World at Home: Curiosity Collecting in the First Age of Globalisation, c. 1550-1750

Greg Wells, From Scourbuch to the Scurvy: The Arrival of a New Disease in England in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries


David Callaghan, The Role of the Clergy in the Pilgrimage of Grace

David Doddington, Conflict, Competition and Courtship in the Slave Community

Tim Davies, Private Merchants and the Global Trade: Commercial Networking in the Eighteenth Century Indian Ocean

Alistar Kelsey, English Responses to the Irish Massacres of 1641