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Current Events

COVID LOCKDOWN UPDATE: During the current crisis, we are sorry to say that many EMECC events have been postponed or cancelled. However, we will have Works-in-Progress series, and will be operating virtually! A revised schedule appears below. If you are interested in joining us online for these very informal gatherings, please contact the Centre.

EMECC offers a wide range of events across the academic year. We also list some external/non-EMECC events that may also be of interest. Please scroll down or use the links below for further details and to find out what's on:


Everyone is welcome to attend our seminars.

The centre Seminars series has become part of the History Department Seminars Series.

History Department Seminar Series

Conferences and Workshops

This calendar's schedule is empty.

Work in Progress

The Centre's Work in Progress meetings provide an opportunity for postgraduates and staff to discuss new research.

Monday 6 July 2020 - 12:00 - ONLINE - Michael Bycroft - ‘Gems and the New History of Science.’ It’s an introduction to a monograph called Gems and the New Science: A Reappraisal of the Scientific Revolution.

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For further information please contact Charles Walton
Charles dot Walton at warwick dot ac dot uk


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