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Associate Members

Maxine Berg

Emeritus Professor Maxine Berg

Global trade and material culture in the early modern world; Economic and social history in 18th and early 19th century Britain and Europe; Intellectual history


Dr Stefan Bauer

Lecturer in Early Modern World History (King’s College London). Former teaching fellow at Warwick.


Bernard Capp

Emeritus Professor Bernard Capp

Civil war period, and the family in early modern family. Four articles and essays are currently forthcoming on aspects such as childhood experiences and relationships between the generations, including issues of inheritance and disinheritance.

Helen Clifford

Honarary Fellow Helen Clifford

Honorary Fellow

Margot Finn

Honorary Professor Margot Finn

19th century British social and cultural history of gender, consumption and law

Mark Greengrass

Honorary Professor Mark Greengrass

16th-17th century France; French Wars of Religion

Gad Heuman

Emeritus Professor Gad Heuman

Caribbean history during slavery and after emancipation

Steve Hindle

Associate Fellow Steve Hindle

Social, cultural and economic history of England, 1500-1800, especially the social order, poverty and popular protest


Emeritus Professor Anthony McFarlane

Spanish American colonial history, especially in Colombia; colonian rebellions and wars of independence in Spanish America; comparative history of the Americas

Angela McShane

Associate Fellow Angela McShane

Social and cultural history of early modern history; the material culture of popular politics and the everyday in early modern England


Dr Rosa Salzberg

Italian Renaissance history; early print culture; migration history


Dr Marjolein Schepers

Vrije Universiteit Brussel & IAS Fernandes Fellow 2020-21


Dr Callie Wilkinson

Former Leverhulme Early Career Fellow for the project 'Scandals, state secrets, and the dissemination of information about the East India Company'. Now at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitӓt, München.