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EMECC Members

Current Members

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Dr Charles Walton

Research interests include Old Regime, Enlightenment and Revolutionary France, with emphases on democratization, rights, liberalism and economic justice.

Dr Naomi Pullin 

Research interests include religious and gender history in the early modern British Atlantic, with particular interests in the early Quaker community; the roles of women in Protestant dissent; and sociability, friendship and enmity in the 17th and 18th centuries.

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Centre Coordinator

Amy Evans

Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the centre, including financial administration and assisting in the organisation of events, conferences, seminars and other meetings.



Staff Members



Dr Michael Bycroft

Science and technology in early modern Europe, with a special interest in France, state patronage, global connections, and materials such as precious stones, gold, dyestuffs, and porcelain.

Dr Jonathan Davies

Violence and insults and crime and punishment in early modern Europe (including the British isles); the history of the Italian states (especially Tuscany and the Republic of Venice) between 1350 and 1600.

Professor Rebecca Earle

History of food, Spanish America, nationalism, letter-writing, clothing.

Dr Aysu Dincer Hadjianastasis

Social and economic history of the Eastern Mediterranean in the late Middle Ages; History of the crusades and the crusader states; History of Lusignan and Venetian Cyprus; History of Venice; Social and economic history of early medieval England; England and Scotland in the fifteenth century.

Professor Anne Gerritsen

Early modern Chinese history; global history; material culture of early modern China, especially porcelain; history of Jiangxi

Mark Knights

Professor Mark Knights

The political culture of early modern Britain and its empire c.1500-c.1800, with particular interests in the history of corruption, the integration of political and social history, the nature of public discourse, the role of print, and the interaction of politics, literature and ideas.

Professor Beat Kümin

The cultural history of German-speaking Europe and England (c. 1400-1800), political agency, religious life and social exchange in local communities during the early modern period.

Professor David Lambert

Caribbean and Atlantic histories; British imperialism, exploration and cartography in the 'long' 19th century; counterfactual histories; histories of Whiteness; historical geography

Professor Tim Lockley

Colonial North America; southern history; slavery; Native Americans

Mark P

Professor Mark Philp 

Director of Research for the History Dept,. Research interests cover political theory and political sociology; political corruption and issues relating to standards in public life; history of political thought and British history at the time of the French Revolution.

Professor Peter Marshall

Religious and cultural history of early modern England, especially the Reformation and its impact


Dr Luca Molà

History of the Italian Renaissance; economic and social history of Europe in the early modern period.

Sarah Richardson

Dr Sarah Richardson

18th and 19th century British political history, middle-class women and political culture; electoral politics; history and computing


Professor Penny Roberts

The social, religious, cultural and political history of sixteenth-century France, especially its wars of religion (c.1562-1598).


Dr Claudia Stein

Medicine and science in early modern Germany (1500-1800); enlightenment science and medicine, strategies of biopower (1800-today); visual culture and medicine (1500-today); the history of epistemology


Dr Guido van Meersbergen

Early modern diplomacy, cross-cultural encounters, Renaissance ethnography, colonialism in South Asia



Research and Teaching Staff

Dr Crouzet

Dr Guillemette Crouzet

Guillemette Crouzet started a Marie Curie Sklodowska Individual Research Fellowship in April 2019 in the History Department at the University of Warwick, where she previously held a British Academy/Newton International Postdoctoral Fellowship. She is an historian of the British empire, the Middle East and India in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Martha McGill

Dr Martha McGill

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow for the project "Bodies, Selves and the Supernatural in early Modern Britain"

Dr Tom Pert

Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow in the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance, for the project the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) – the most destructive European conflict prior to the twentieth century.

Lucy Underwood

Dr Lucy Underwood

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow for the project "Imagining Englands: Confessionalisation, Catholicism and National Identity after the English Reformation"