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Experiencing Time in the Early Modern Period

2pm - 6pm, Fri, 17 Nov '17
Location: IAS Seminar Room, Millburn House, University of Warwick

Details of venue location.

The aim of the day was to explore concepts of, approaches to, and representations of time primarily in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, from an interdisciplinary perspective (historical, political, geographical and literary).

Dr Paul Glennie (Bristol): 'Seeing clock time through early modern eyes'
Prof. Tony Claydon (Bangor): 'The Revolutionary Present: experiencing time in 1688'
Dr Marcus Tomalin (Cambridge): '"The time of darkness": Nocturnal Horology in the Long Eighteenth Century'
Dr Sarah Haggarty (Cambridge): 'Blake vs. Newton and the technics of time'
Dr Tina Lupton (Warwick): 'Reading and the Lifetime of Happiness'
chairs: Prof. Mark Knights (Warwick), Dr Tina Lupton (Warwick

1pm lunch (optional)
2pm start of workshop
6pm end of workshop
6.30pm drinks - participants are welcome to come for drinks (self-funded)

7pm dinner - participants are welcome to come for dinner (self-funded, please see registration form)

28 places available in total.
Free to postgraduates and early career fellows whose funding doesn't cover research expenses.
£15 (includes lunch and refreshments) for all other participants.

£10 (without lunch, includes refreshments) for all other participants.

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