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Alumni and former students


Completed PhD Students

  • Anastasia Stylianou (History): The concepts of the holy mind and the holy body in English female sanctity, c.1516-86
  • Robert Daniel (English & Comparative Literary Studies) “Teach me, O Lord, this sacred art”: Puritan Modes of Writing in the Poetry of Thomas St Nicholas
  • Rita Dashwood (English & Comparative Literary Studies): Women, Property, and Jane Austen
  • Gareth Davies (History): Marriage Strategies of the North Warwickshire Gentry in the long Eighteenth Century
  • Rebecca Noble (History): Madness and Selfhood in 18C Mexico
  • Devon Cox (French Studies): ‘Napoleonic Prisoners of War and their theatricals, 1803 to 1815’
  • Rachael Morton (History): Marks of Ownership, Proofs of Ownership: A study of early modern object markings in the period 1550-1750
  • Meike von Brescius (History): Beyond Company Control: EIC Servants and the Distribution of Chinese Luxuries in Europe, 1730-1770.
  • Jake Halford (History): Dialogue, Debate and Democracy: A Study of the Early Modern Dialogue Genre

  • Han Zhao (History): 'Conscience will keep a private session within yourself': the Culture of Shame in England, 1650-1800
  • Naomi Pullin: Female friends and the transatlantic Quaker community: 'the whole family and household of faith', c1650-c1750.
  • Spike Sweeting: Commercial Design and Architecture in London, 1730-1800
  • Emma Markiewicz: Hair, Wigs and Wig-making in the Eighteenth Century
  • Ian Smith, 'Reactions to the French revolution: central and provincial perspectives'
  • Susan Law: 'Aristocratic Adultery c.1760-1860'
  • Anna Moran: 'The Market for Irish Glass in the Eighteenth Century'
  • William Rupp: 'John Byng's Personal World'
  • Emma Markiewicz: 'Wigs and Dress Culture in the Eighteenth Century'
  • Tim McEvoy: 'Maritime Knowledge: The Maritime Schools of Venice and Portsmouth in the Eighteenth Century'
  • Helen Cowie: 'Natural History in the Spanish Empire 1750-1850'
  • Daive Dunkley: 'The Idea of Freedom in Jamaica before the Abolition of Slavery'
  • Sarah Easterby-Smith: 'Natural history collecting and commerce in Britain and France, c. 1750-1800'
  • Kat Foxhall: 'Disease and Sea Voyages: Britain and Australia 1780-1880'
  • Philippa Hubbard (Leverhulme): 'Eighteenth Century Advertising: the trade card in Britain and America'
  • Lydia Plath: 'Rumours of Slave Rebellion in the Antebellum South'
  • Kate Smith: 'Perceptions and Constructions of Workmanship in Eighteenth-Century British Culture'
  • Tom Rodgers: 'Terror in the Southern Colonies during the American Revolutionary War'