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The academic staff, research fellows and postgraduate researchers involved in the project.

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Name Institution, Department Research Interests
Reynauld Abad Sorbonne Paris, History History of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century France, particularly economic and social history; history of institutions; history of Paris.
Julia Adams Yale, Sociology genesis and varieties of modernity; large scale forms of patriarchal politics; historical sociology of agency relations; global and transnational sociology
David C. Albertson USC, Religion medieval and early modern Christianity in Europe
Luiz-Felipe De Alencastro Sorbonne Paris, History The history of slavery in Brazil, Angola, the Portugese Empire, and Black Americas.
Guilherme Amaral Luz Warwick, Art History Religious painting in 17th-century Italy, Spain and France; Iconography of preaching, Saint Paul and Saint John the Baptist; Rhetoric and Religion in Early Modern times.
Emily Hodgson Anderson USC, English 18th-c drama, 18th-c novel, women writers, theater history, genre, performance studies
Kevin Van Anglen  Boston, English American literature and the following: intellectual and political history; Henry David Thoreau; John Milton and his American influence; the classics; religion; the environment;
Eric Ankerberg Wisconsin Lutheran College, Modern Languages Metaphysical poetry. Intersection of early modern literature and Reformation theology in England.
Amy Appleford Boston, English Late medieval and Reformation religion and literature; legal, institutional, and urban history; the philosophy and culture of death of all periods
Desiree Arbo Warwick, History and Classics My research interests include: The classical tradition in colonial Spanish America, the intellectual culture of the Americas, Jesuits c. 16th-18th, and national identity in the Rio de la Plata.
Kate Astbury Warwick, French 18th and early 19th century French literature; Napoleonic theatre; translation and literary adaptations across Britain, France, Germany and Switzerland.
Tatiana Debbagi Baranova Sorbonne Paris, History Cultural and political history of early modern France
Ruth Barbour Warwick, History The middling sort of 18th century English Catholic especially those in Warwickshire.
Catherine Bates Warwick, English Literature and culture of the Renaissance period, especially courtly poetry of the sixteenth-century; psychoanalysis; the epic tradition
Stephen Bates Warwick, History Late medieval and early modern England
David Beck Warwick, History Intellectual and cultural history of early modern England, particularly history of science and local antiquarianism
Yves-Marie Bercé Sorbonne Paris, History Social, political and cultural history of early modern France, with particular emphasis on popular rebellions and revolts
Maxine Berg Warwick, History Global trade
Carlo Bitossi University of Ferrara, Humanities Early modern Italy, esp. politics, society, political thought
Daniela Bleichmar USC, Art History history of the natural sciences and medicine, 1500–1800; visual and material culture, 1500–1800; early modern Hispanic world; imperial history; transregional, transcultural, global exchanges; books, print, prints; history of collecting and display."
Paul Botley Warwick, English The classical tradition in early modern literature; renaissance letters; neo-Latin literature; Erasmus; the history of the Bible; education in the renaissance; translation; the Greek diaspora in renaissance Europe; and the history of scholarship.
David Bromwich Yale, English English Romantic Literature
Louise Bourdua Warwick, History of Art late-medieval and renaissance Italian art and architecture especially Venice and the Veneto, artistic patronage and iconography of religious orders
Aimee Burnham Warwick, History Marquis de Sade, book trade, illicit and obscene publications
John Burton University of Wales Trinity Saint David, English Early modern English non-dramatic literature, cartography, print culture.
Humfrey Butters Warwick, History Medieval and Early modern Italy esp political thought
Alice Byrne Warwick, History St George, reform and reformation, concepts of nationality and nationhood, secularisation, representations of saints, popular religious practices in sixteenth century England.
Ann Caesar Warwick, Italian Rise of modern Italian novel in 18th century Venice, theatre and novel, circulation, translations and adaptations of English, French and Italian narrative
William Caferro Vanderbilt, History medieval and Renaissance economic history (Italy), historiography, war and diplomacy and Dante and Petrarch in historical context.
Caroline Callard Sorbonne Paris, History History of Italy and the cultural and political history of the l’âge moderne
Bernard Capp Warwick, History Early modern English history: gender; masculinity and emotions; popular print and popular culture; religious radicalism; civil war and interregnum; puritanism and moral reformation
William C. Carroll Boston, English early modern drama, especially of the Jacobean period; Shakespearean comedy; early modern genealogical studies
Cyril L. Caspar Zurich, Englisches Seminar John Milton, John Donne, George Herbert, English Puritanism, 17th century England nonconformity, and Eschatology and Apocalypticism
Julie Chamberlain Warwick, History Early Modern England, women, urban life, Coventry
Gregory Champeaud Bordeux 3, History Early modern France, Wars of Religion, Peace Making process, parlements.
Arianne Chernock Boston, History 18th century, Enlightenment, Gender, Royalty, Female Biography
Elizabeth Clarke Warwick, English early modern literature
Lauren Clay Vanderbilt, History Old Regime and Revolutionary France; theater; cultural and commercial institutions; cultural policy; the French empire; commercial elites and questions of class.
Jeanne Clegg Ca' Foscari Venezia/Studi linguistici e culturali comparate e.g.17th-18th century British literature and history especially in relation to crime and justice
Laia Portet Codina Universitat Pompeu i Fabra, Institut Universitari Jaume Vicens Vives Food history, World history, socio-cultural history. Transnational approaches in early modern history with focus in the late enlightment and the long nineteenth century.
Maya Corry University of Cambridge, History of Art Early modern Italy - art history, gender, spirituality, the body.
Tom Colville Warwick, History Intelligence in the early modern period; Restoration Science; Baconianism; Communication; Perceptions of Credibility
Jodi Cranston  Boston, Art History 16th-century Venetian painting; early modern pastoral painting and poetry; text/image relations; digital mapping of Venetian collections and artists' itineraries.
Katherine Crawford Vanderbilt, History early modern European sexuality
Denis Crouzet   Sorbonne Paris, History Political and religious history of sixteenth-century France
Elisabeth Crouzet-Pavan  Sorbonne Paris, History Towns and urban societies in 13th-15th century renaissance Italy.
Jonathan Davies Warwick, History early modern Italy esp violence
Laura Davies Oxford, Christianity and Culture Britain and Europe in the long eighteenth century, especially oral culture and religion
Timothy Davies Warwick, History Eighteenth century global trade, the social and cultural history of merchant networks, the English East India Company's trade in the Arabian Seas
Jim Davis Warwick, Theatre Studies Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British theatre
Rosie Dias Warwick, History of Art Eighteenth-century art
Barbara Diefendorf Boston, History Sixteenth and seventeenth-century French history, especially the Wars of Religion, Catholic Reformation, and religious coexistence following the religious wars
Elodie Duché History, University of London (in collaboration with Warwick) War captivity, transnational contacts, material culture, life-writing.
Jean-François Dunyach Sorbonne Paris, History Historiography of the European Enlightenment, particularly in eighteenth-century France and Great Britain
Carlos Eire Yale, History the reformation
James Epstein Vanderbilt, History scholar of radicalism
Haldun Evrenk Boston, Economics fiscal institutions throughout the early modern period
Margot Finn Warwick, History credit/debt and colonial families

Carme Font Paz

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, English

Early Modern England, Seventeenth century Women's poetry in England, Spain and Italy, Print Culture.
Emma Francis Warwick, English 19th century literature and culture; the intellectual history of feminism; psychoanalysis, particularly its 19th century foundations; evolutionary thinking.
Jacques Fremeaux Sorbonne Paris, History Military history and colonial empires
Humberto Garcia Vanderbilt, English Islam and Enlightenment
Águeda García-Garrido Caen, Foreign Languages Religious and cultural History of seventeenth-century Spain, and in particular, the relationship between preaching and society
 Aaron Garret Boston, Philosophy History or early modern moral and political philosophy (primarily Scottish, British, and French); history of philosophical methodology; reception of Hellenistic moral philosophy in early modern Europe.
Bryan Garsten Yale, Political Science History of political thought, rhetoric, Hobbes
Alain Gerard Sorbonne Paris, History The French Revolution; the Guerre de Vendée; Catholicism.
Anne Gerritsen Warwick, History Global history of the early modern period (esp. premodern China during the Yuan and Ming dynasties), porcelain and the material culture of global connections.

Massimo Carlo Giannini

Teramo, Faculty of Communication

Early modern Italy and Spain, finance, political institutions, religious orders.

Catie Gill Loughborough, English and Drama

Quakerism, Religious Rationalism, Early Modern Women's Lives and Writing

Marianne Gillion Manchester, Music

Centres of music printing in early modern Europe, especially Italy and the Low Countries; liturgy, religious expression, and art.

John T. Gilmore Warwick, English 18th-century English literature; Neo-Latin poetry; Western representations of China; Translation Studies; Caribbean literature and history.
Simon Gilson Warwick, Italian Dante; late medieval and Renaissance Italian literary, intellectual and cultural history; Dante's reception in Italy 14C, 15C, 16C.
Gabriel Glickman Warwick, History British politics, religion and culture 1650-1750, international Catholicism, European empires and foreign policies
Herb Goldschmidt King's, History Early modern history
João Pedro Gomes University of Coimbra, Center for Classical and Humanistic Studies Early Modern Portuguese History, Food Cultures, Lusophone Food Heritage, Early Modern Archaeology, Early Modern Culture.
Bruce Gordon Yale, History Religious history, esp Swiss and German reformations
Felicia Gottman Warwick, History Intellectual, Cultural, and Economic History of the eighteenth century, especially in France. Trade, commercial culture, the East India Companies. The introduction of fine Asian manufactured goods, especially Indian cottons, into France.
Teresa Grant Warwick, English Medieval and Renaissance drama, especially issues surrounding staging, and in Renaissance literature and culture.
Lawrence Donald Green  USC, English the Renaissance, rhetoric and linguistics
Mark Greengrass Sheffield, History early modern France
Huw Griffiths Sydney, English Early Modern English literature, Shakespeare, politics, sovereignty, sexuality and gender.
Thomas Guntripp Warwick, History Early Modern popualr protest, Crime and violence
Phillip Haberkern  Boston, History Early modern European history
Kyna Hamill Boston, English Visual culture of the early commedia dell'arte, the print culture of Jacques Callot and violence on the early modern stage
James Handy Warwick, History Material history, the Renaissance, Early Modern culture and popular religion.
Deborah Elizabeth Harkness USC, History History of Science, History of Medicine, History of Technology, Early Modern Europe, Early Modern Britain, the Renaissance, Women's History, Tudor England
Joel Harrington Vanderbilt, History History of early modern Germany; history of marriage, children, family; Reformation; history of Christianity.
Philippa Hellawell King's College London, History Early modern science, early modern travel, early modern England, cultural history, print culture, histories of knowledge and information
Cynthia Brilliant Herrup USC, History law and culture in early modern British societies; gender and sexuality; social and cultural history
Steve Hindle The Huntington Social, economic history of England, esp. labor relations and estate management; popular protest; historical methodology, esp. micro-history
Eva Johanna Holmberg Queen Mary, History Early modern cultural history, Britain, Ottoman Empire, religious and ethnic identities, cross-cultural encounters, travel writing.
Holger Hoock Pittsburgh, History Britain and British Empire in the "long" eighteenth century
Stephen Houlgate Warwick, Philosophy Spinoza, Kant, Hegel
Eunice D Howe USC, Art History Early Modern/Italian Renaissance: 15th-16th Century Art and Architecture
Chihyin Hsiao University of Glasgow, History of Art Eighteenth-century London and its material culture.
Lucy Huggins Plymouth, History Parish, poor laws, community, culture, beliefs 17thC, 18thC.
Matthew Jackson Warwick, History Social and cultural history of early modern Europe; alcohol and drinking practices
Heather James  USC, English Early modern literature English literature, with an emphasis on Shakespeare; Latin, Italian, and French literatures; comparative literature; classical transmission; genre studies; empire studies, politics, and political philosophy; book history; women writers; gender studies.
Kathryn James Yale, Beinecke Library Curator of the early modern collection at the Beinecke Library
Stéphane Jettot  Sorbonne Paris, History Early Modern England and Early Modern France : social history, erudition, international relations
Christopher Johns Vanderbilt, History of Art The art, architecture and visual culture of Italy, especially Rome and the Papal States, during the long eighteenth century, focusing on issues of patronage, the politicization of art and the intersection of art history and enlightenment studies
Mark Eliot Kann USC, History early American political thought and gender studies
David Kastan Yale, English Early Modern English literature and culture; editing and editorial theory; history of the book.
Anthony Kemp  USC, English American literature and culture, medieval literature, Renaissance literature, historiography, philosophy, critical theory, eighteenth century, nineteenth century, religion, materialist history
Deeana C. Klepper  Boston, History Medieval and early modern European religious history
Marcin Konik Jagiellonian, Musicology Early modern philosophy, cosmology and music. Athanasius Kircher. Cosmology of musical treatises.
Mark Knights Warwick, History the political culture of early modern Britain c.1500 - c.1850, with particular interests in the integration of political and social history, the nature of public discourse, the role of print, and the interaction of politics, literature and ideas. These come together in my current work on early modern corruption
Beat Kümin Warwick, History social and cultural history of England and German-speaking Europe c. 1400-1800, with special interests in parish communities and public houses; spatial approaches to the past
Xavier Labat-Saint-Vincent  Sorbonne Paris, History Malta and French commerce, commercial exchange, the Marseille port in the eighteenth century.
Jackie Labbe Warwick, English Romantic-period (1770-1830) poetry and fiction; gender and genre; roles, scripts, and plots and their (re)formations; Charlotte Smith, William Wordsworth, Jane Austen.
Fabien Lacouture Sorbonne Paris, Art History Early modern Italy, History and Representation of children in Italian Art (and in art in general), history and representation of women
Andrew Laird Warwick, Classics Latin and Greek classical literature, Latin humanism in Renaissance Europe and colonial Spanish America; classical learning and indigenous traditions in sixteenth-century Mexico
Peter Lake Vanderbilt, History sixteenth century religious, political and literary culture
Jonathan Lamb Vanderbilt, English the (nonsocial) lives of things, and a study of neurological and affective aspects of scurvy--both in the 18th century
Rebecca Lemon USC, English Renaissance literary, political and legal culture (with an emphasis on England); early modern conceptions of treason, addiction, and emergency; law and literature; political theory
Bram van Leuveren St Andrews, School of Modern Languages Early modern court spectacle/theatre, diplomacy, material culture, cultural exchange, festival culture
Paul Lim Vanderbilt, Divinity Early modern religious culture
David Lines Warwick, Italian Late-medieval and Renaissance literary and intellectual culture (especially of Italy); history of universities, Aristotelianism, moral philosophy, and libraries and collections
Lawrence Manley Yale, English Early Modern Britain, esp poetry, prose and drama
Giacomo Mannironi Warwick, Italian print culture and publishing market, eighteenth-century Italian and European novel, readership, bibliography, representations of deviance and crime.
Leah Marcus Vanderbilt, English shakespeare and early modern drama, milton, seventeenth-century poetry ,revisionist textual scholarship, South Asian links
Alice Marples Kings College London/British Library Early modern Britain, particularly the cultural history of science and sociability in the early eighteenth century, focusing on collecting, correspondence and exchange.
Peter Marshall Warwick, History social history of early modern religion (especially British Isles); the Reformation/s; religious politics of Tudor-early Stuart England; post-Reformation English Catholicism; cultural history, especially popular belief and the supernatural
Christopher Martin Boston, English Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English literature; Renaissance lyric and prose fiction
Maria-Elena Martinez USC, History space, religion, gender, and race in New Spain
Emma Mason Warwick, English Poetry 1740-present; eighteenth and nineteenth-century religious belief; religion and science from Newton to Darwin; theories of affect and emotion
Paula McBride Warwick, History Early modern England, esp. witchcraft, unorthodoxy.
Edwin Mc Cann USC, English Early Modern Philosophy, Wittgenstein, Philosophy of Mind
Jon Mee Warwick, English Culture and politics in the long romantic period (1760-1832)
Sara Miglietti Warwick, Centre for the Study of the Renaissance Early Modern Italy, France and England; history of environmental ideas; history of medicine; Early Modern travel literature; religious strife in Early Modern France
Emily Mitchelson Newcastle, History Eighteenth-century Britain, Republicanism, Utopianism, Agrarian Law, equality of property.
Femke Molekamp Warwick, English Early modern English literature, especially poetry; history of emotion; women's writing; psychoanalysis; history of reading; early modern religion.
Roger Moore Vanderbilt, English religion and literature
Clare Morgan King's, English Early eighteenth-century coteries, physico-theology, attitudes towards profoundly deaf people, the microscope, the R.S.
John Morgan Warwick, History Early modern environmental history, particularly of water in the British Isles; state formation; parishes.
Rachael Morton Warwick, History Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century material culture.
Erin Murphy Boston, English Renaissance and Restoration literature and culture; Milton; Early modern women writers; Seventeenth-century politics and political theory
Maria Nicolaou Warwick, History History of the family, early modern England, gender history.
Niall Oddy Durham, French Sixteenth-century French culture and thought, the conception of Europe
Bridget Orr Vanderbilt, English 18th-century British theatre and empire; pastoral drama; New Zealand/Aotearoa settler and Maori writing; post-war British theatre
Donatella Pallotti University of Florence, Lingue, Letterature e Studi Interculturali Early modern English culture, women's writing in early modern England; early modern English poetry, esp. Shakespeare and Donne
Lorenzo Pericolo Warwick, History of Art Early modern religious art; Renaissance and Baroque pictorial narrative; Renaissance and Baroque art theory; influences and cross-fertilizations between the arts produced in different artistic centres of early modern Europe.
Olivier Pétré-Grenouilleau Sorbonne Paris, History History of the European expansion in the colonial world; global history and history longue durée
Robert Phiddian Flinders University, English Early modern British literature, especially poilitical satire and the history of emotions.
Rebecca Pilliere Warwick, French Studies Early Modern France, esp. pamphlets and wars of religion
Steve Pincus Yale, History 17th and 18th century British History; British Empire; West Indies; Political Economy; Revolutions; The State; historical methods; Patriotism; early anti-slavery; economic divergence; political culture; History and the social sciences
Charles W. A. Prior Hull, History Politics and religion; English civil war; British Atlantic; state-formation and empire.
Sarah Poynting Warwick, English Early Stuart literature and history; working on an edition of the writings of Charles I for OUP.
Paul Prescott Warwick, English Shakespeare in performance; theatre history; the history and practice of arts criticism; creative approaches to pedagogy
Michael Prince Boston, English Eighteenth-century literature; Intellectual history; Aesthetics
Naomi Pullin Warwick, History Early modern social and religious history, with a particular interest in gender. Areas of research interest include Quaker women in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, female networks and alliances and material culture.
Paul Raffield Warwick, Law early modern English legal history (especially the development of the 16th and 17th century legal profession and its influence over constitutionalism in this period); early modern dramatic literature (especially Shakespeare) and its representation of juristic themes
Matthew Ramsey Vanderbilt, History Cultural and scientific history
Benjamin Redding Warwick, History The revolutions in military affairs that occurred c.16th Century; the French and English navies.
Bruce Redford Boston, Art History the visual and literary culture of Baroque and Enlightenment Europe. His areas of particular interest include the Grand Tour, the history of the classical tradition, and the relations between poetry and painting
Tim Reinke-Williams Northampton, History Women and gender in early modern Britain; early modern London
Joseph Rezek Boston, English Early and 19th-century American literature; British literature of the Romantic period (especially Walter Scott); transatlantic print culture and the history of the book; early black Atlantic writing; the history of nationalism and aesthetics.
Giorgio Riello Warwick, History material culture in global perspective
Penny Roberts Warwick, History early modern Europe esp France
Sean E. Roberts USC, Art History Early Modern Italian Art, History of Cartography, Print and Book Culture
Hector Roddan Cardiff, History, Archaeology and Religion travel writing, English religious cultures, Orientalism, Ottoman empire, Russian Orthodox Christianity, India, Hinduism, Pacific studies, missionary narrative, witchcraft, gender/sexuality
Kirsty Rolfe Oxford, English Early modern England and its international, especially print culture, news networks, church history.
Isabelle Robin-Romero Sorbonne Paris, History History of the family and orphans in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century France
Margaret Francesca Rosenthal USC, English literary historian of early-modern Italy
François-Joseph Ruggiu Sorbonne Paris, History History of the family and the social history of early modern populations.
Margaret Ellen Russett USC, English Romantic literature, Thomas De Quincey, gothic fiction, the poetics of reverie, forgery and imposture in literature, images of Turkey in anglophone literature, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature and culture, contemporary fiction and theory
Emil Rybczak Warwick, English Renaissance and Restoration Theatre and Printing.
Rosa Salzberg Warwick, History early modern Italy esp print culture
James Schmidt Boston, History controversies regarding question "What is Enlightenment?" from 18th century to present; European intellectual history and history of political thought; catastrophe and memory; music and memorialization
Marco Schnyder Warwick/Geneva, History Early modern Italy (especially Turin and Venice), France and Switzerland migration, identities, urban history, and conflict resolution, ruling class, power, and family.
Kathryn Schwartz Vanderbilt, English Shakespeare and gender
Emily Senior Birkbeck, English C18th literary, colonial and scientific history.
Steven Shapiro Warwick, English Writing and culture of the United States; Cultural Studies; literary theory; marxism, world-literature and world-systems analyses; urban and spatial studies; television studies; sociology of religion, especially evangelicalism and pentecostal forms; gothic and critiques of the bourgeois lifeworld as a problem of living.
Margaret Shewring Warwick, Theatre Studies European Renaissance/Early Modern Festivals and their legacy (with a focus on performance), Shakespeare and his contemporaries in Performance 1560s-1620s and since 1960 in Britain and abroad, performance spaces (architctural design and scenography).
James Siemon  Boston, English Renaissance drama, especially Shakespeare; Literary theory, especially the Bakhtin Circle and Pierre Bourdieu; Early modern literature and social history
Jose Alberto Silva Lisbon, CIUHCT Early modern Portugal, esp. print culture, science.
Edward Simon Lehigh, English Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century devotional poetry in Britain and America.
Ingrid de Smet Warwick, French early modern French writing
Bruce Ray Smith USC, English literature and culture of early modern England, including Shakespeare, gender, sexuality, acoustic ecology and historical phenomenology
Christian Smith Warwick, English Critical Theory and the Influence of Shakespeare on Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud.
Michel Sot Sorbonne Paris, History Religion, culture and society of the Occident in the late medieval period.
Susanne Sreedhar Boston, Philosophy 17th century moral and political philosophy, social contract theory, conceptions of gender, sexuality and the family in early modern thought
Antonia Szabari USC, French and Italian Early modern French Literature, the culture of reading, injurious speech and publicity, the literature of travel, religion as discourse, and the plant / animal / human boundary in early modern culture.
Byapti Sur Leiden University, Institute for History
Early modern Corruption, Colonial Engagements, Bureaucracy and politics behind corruption charges, Social Networking.
Alain Tallon Sorbonne Paris, History History of early modern Mediterranean Europe; history of sixteenth-century international relations.
Romain Telliez Sorbonne Paris, History Social, political and legal history of medieval and early modern France
Christopher Thompson Buckingham, Humanities Research Institute Early English colonial history 1600-1660; Parliamentary history 1604-1649; history of Essex 1600-1660
John Thornton  Boston, History Early modern Atlantic Africa, Atlantic history, the slave trade, colonization of the Americas, history of indigenous America, and the African Diaspora.
Sotirios Triantafyllos Sussex, History Early modern Italy, print culture, science, violence, popular culture
Stefano Ulliana MIUR Italy, Private Scholar Jordanus Brunus Nolanus, Renaissance philosophy and science.
Daniel Usner Vanderbilt, History American Indians
Emanuela Vai St. Andrews, Art History Renaissance-Early modern Italy, esp. architectural and art history, musicology
Maude Vanhaelen Warwick, Centre for the Study of the Renaissance Renaissance philosophy, humanism, Greek, Latin and vernacular languages, Renaissance demonology.
Alberto Vanzo Warwick, Philosophy Early modern philosophy, esp. Kant and Leibniz; early modern science and medicine; historiography of early modern thought.
Mate Vince Warwick, English and Comparative lit. Reception of the classics (esp. Cicero, Vergil), rhetoric and dialectic in the Renaissance, Theological controversies, Translation studies, Shakespeare, Sidney
Matthew Wakeman Warwick, History Table Games in Tudor England
Charles Walton Warwick, History Old Regime, Enlightenment, and Revolutionary France. Print culture, democratic transition, the politics of political economy.
Gary Watt Warwick, Law Equity, law and literature (especially rhetoric/drama/Shakespeare), law (especially, Court of Chancery), stage properties, material culture (especially dress)
Jon Westling Boston, History History of medieval Europe, Tudor England, the Protestant and Catholic Reformations, early modern philosophy and political theory, the development of the European state system; the history and contemporary state of higher education
Susan Wilkin Oxford, Bodleian Libraries Horticultural practice in England in c.1600-c.1750, in particular productive gardening, the nursery and market garden trades, culinary and medicinal herbs, the intellectual and scientific background.
Paul Williams Exeter, History English explorers in America under Elizabeth and James
Nicholas Wilson Yale, Sociology English East India Company; state formation; historical sociology; political sociology; organizations; empire and the administrative politics of knowledge
James A. Winn Boston, English Restoration and eighteenth-century English literature
Alexander Winkler Warwick, Centre for the Study of the Renaissance Italian Renaissance, Northern European humanism, Latin literature of the 17th century
Philippa Woodcock Warwick, History Early modern Italy and France, esp.war and material culture.
Keith Wrightson Yale, History Early modern British social and cultural history.
Wanda Wyporska Private Scholar, formerly Oxford, History Early Modern Poland/Witchcraft.
Michael Zell Boston, Art History

Seventeenth-century Dutch art, with a particular focus on Rembrandt and Vermeer; art collecting and the market; gift exchange; the poetics of painting; and art and religion.

Holger Hoock