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Contested Words: The Digital Analysis of Early Modern Texts Workshop

This one-day workshop on the 21st June at the University of Warwick seeks to bring together linguists, early modern scholars and digital providers to look at the implications of digital resources such as Early English Books Online, Eighteenth Century Collection Online and the English Short Title Catalogue on research in the early modern period.

The digitization of texts has fundamentally changed the way in which we access and interrogate early modern texts and this conference is an attempt to catch up on the methodological implications of this development, to highlight both the advantages and challenges involved, and to highlight the exciting possibilities of an interdisciplinary approach. It brings together providers of digital resources, corpus linguists, and scholars of the early modern period together in order to discuss how we can study early modern texts, concepts and keywords in new ways with the benefit of digital analysis. It will be of interest to any scholar who uses EEBO, ECCO or wishes to learn about how digital methodologies can be used within their own research.


Proffessor Phil WIthington, History, University of Sheffield

Professer Jennifer Richards,

Professer Tim Hitchcock, Old Bailey Online, University

Dr. Andrew Hardie, Corpus Linguistics, Lancaster University

Scott Gibbons, JISC

This workshop will explore the following questions:

How can researchers utilise digital resources and what are the methodologies for using them?

How can digital resources help us to understand how particular words or phrases were used?

What words were most associated with each other and did this association change over time?

Is it possible to build a collaborative dictionary of key words that could be of use to anyone who works in the early modern period?

What methodological implications does digital documents have on research in the early modern period?

The workshop will registration fee will be £25 with a special registration fee of £20 for students. This includes all coffees, lunch, and a wine reception.

Register for the workshop here.

For more information on the conference and to express an interestin attending contact the conference organiser Jake Halford

Registration and Payment Here


Student £20

Full £25