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Corruption in Britain and its Empire, 1600-1850

"Opening of the Budget", 1796, by James Gillray

In 2014-16, Mark Knights held an AHRC Leadership Fellowship to research 'Corruption in Britain and its Empire, 1600-1850'. This resulted in a monograph published by Oxford University Press in 2021: Trust and Distrust: Corruption in Office in Britain and its Empire, 1600-1850. This provides the first overview of Britain's history of corruption in office in the pre-modern era and the first discussion on the development of public and corporate office in pre-modern Britain.

As part of his fellowship, Mark produced a freely downloadable report for the anti-corruption agency Transparency International and collaborated with the Council of Europe (which cites his work at length in a report of 2017) as well as the Italian anti-corruption agency Autorità Nazionale Anti-corruzione. He also published an article for History Today and a blog for BBC History online -