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Luxury in the eighteenth century - a bibliography

Luxury in the Eighteenth Century: Debates, Desires and Delectable Goods

Edited by Maxine Berg and Elizabeth Eger

Book forthcoming from The Luxury Project – to be published by Palgrave Press, December, 2002

This volume provides the first interdisciplinary treatment of the history of luxury. It departs from the now well-worked theme of consumer culture to explore luxury as a concept and cultural phenomenon. Luxury was no less than the keyword of the eighteenth century. New foods, raw materials and manufactures were brought to Europe from around the world: sugar, coffee, chocolate and tea, dyestuffs such as indigo, exotic woods such as mahogany, and porcelain and calicoes. It was such material novelties that stimulated contemporary debates about luxury, contributing to its emergence as a catalyst and signpost of social and intellectual change. This volume explores the political, economic and moral effects of the production and consumption of luxury goods, tying the concept to contemporary discourse on taste, civility and sensibility, aesthetics and literary genres. This cultural history provides a broadly-based focus on luxury in a series of tightly-linked sections addressing key themes of economic debate, material culture, aesthetic principles, luxury as female vice and the exotic.


Part I: Debates

Chapter 1: The Rise and Fall of the Luxury Debates (Maxine Berg and Elizabeth Eger)

Chapter 2: Mandeville, Rousseau and the Political Economy of Fantasy (Edward Hundert)

Chapter 3: Luxury in the Dutch Golden Age in Theory and Practice (Jan de Vries)

Chapter 4: Aestheticising the critique of Luxury: Smollett’s Humphrey Clinker (Michael McKeon)

Part II: Delectable Goods

Chapter 5: Furnishing Discourses: Readings of a Writing Desk in Eighteenth-Century France (Dena Goodman)

Chapter 6: The Circulation of Luxury Goods in Eighteenth-Century Paris: Social Redistribution and an Alternative Currency (Laurence Fontaine)

Chapter 7: Custom or Consumption? Plebeian Fashion in Eighteenth-Century England (John Styles)

Part III: Beauty, Taste and Sensibility

Chapter 8: From the Moral Mound to the Material Maze: Hogarth’s Analysis of Beauty (Annie Richardson)

Chapter 9: From Luxury to Comfort and Back Again: Landscape Architecture and the Cottage in Britain and America (John Crowley)

Chapter 10: Vase Mania (Jenny Uglow)

Part IV: The Female Vice? Women and Luxury

Chapter 11: Performing Roxane: The Oriental Woman as the Sign of Luxury in Eighteenth-Century Fictions (Ros Ballaster)

Chapter 12: Luxury, Satire and Prostitute Narratives (Vivien Jones)

Chapter 13: Luxury, Industry and Charity: Bluestocking Culture Displayed (Elizabeth Eger)

Part V: Luxury and the Exotic

Chapter 14: Luxuries or Not? Consumption of Silk and Porcelain in Eighteenth-Century China (Shelagh Vainker)

Chapter 15: Luxury, Clothing and Race in Spanish America (Rebecca Earle)

Chapter 16: Asian Luxuries and the Making of the European Consumer Revolution (Maxine Berg)

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