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The Travel Account of Francisco Álvares: Ethiopian-European Relations in the Late Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Century

PhD student Mathilde Alain explores Ethiopian-European interactions in the late fifteenth century and early sixteenth century via Francisco Álvares’ travel account. Álvares accompanied a Portuguese embassy to Ethiopia and his account depicts the diplomatic relations between the Portuguese and the Ethiopian sovereign, Ləbnä Dəngəl. Alain also highlights traces of contacts between Ethiopia and Europe in the account and points to its limits.

‘A Very British Way of Torture’: Researching for a TV documentary

PhD student Niels Boender had a chance to research for, and be part of, the Channel 4 and Al Jazeera documentary ‘A Very British Way of Torture’, also featuring Professor David Anderson. The documentary focuses on the use of torture by the British colonial authorities in Kenya against members of the anti-colonial Man Mau movement, and traces the historical research into official British attempts to cover this up. Niels reflects on the research here.

The Global History and Culture Centre: 15 Years and Counting

In 2022, Warwick’s Global History and Culture Centre celebrated its 15th anniversary. Founded in 2007 by Professor Maxine Berg, GHCC was the first research centre dedicated to the field of global history to be established in the UK, and quickly took on a leading role in developing the methodology and practice of this sub-discipline. In this first blog post of 2023, GHCC Director Guido van Meersbergen looks back on some of the principal recent developments in the Centre's activities, and ahead towards key initiatives planned for the coming year.

Mon 09 Jan 2023, 09:50 | Tags: Global History, Guido van Meersbergen, GHCC

Book Review: François-Xavier Fauvelle’s The Golden Rhinoceros: Histories of the African Middle Ages

The Golden Rhinoceros by François-Xavier Fauvelle is a leading work in the field of medieval African history, exploring this ‘golden age’ through archaeological evidence and accessible narratives. Packed with engaging material and a conversational tone, the book appeals to a wide readership, from established academics to those new to the topic. In this review, Lisa Taberner discusses the strengths of Fauvelle’s approach to this traditionally neglected branch of history, as well as weaknesses of the wider field.

Mon 05 Dec 2022, 13:53 | Tags: Historiography, Global History, African History, Lisa Taberner

Queen Pin: The Woman Who Ran the Border Drug Trade

Benjamin T. Smith reports on a recent research trip to Mexico, supported by Global History and Culture Centre funding, in which he conducted archival work into the life of La Nacha, one of the most significant women in the Mexican drug trade.

Fri 21 Oct 2022, 11:33 | Tags: Global History, Latin America, Benjamin T. Smith, Drugs, Mexico, Gender

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