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Research1"Bringing global perspectives and interdisciplinary methods to bear on histories of industrialization, consumer society and material culture."




Research2"Investigating the long distance trade between Asia and Europe in material goods and culture that transformed the early modern world."



  • Asian Goods in the Political Economy of Europe
  • Asian Goods and European Consumer Cultures
  • Asian Goods: Making and Distribution
  • Asian Goods and the Transmission of Knowledge
  • Asian Export Ware and Industrial Revolution






  Professor Maxine Berg
Project Director
Maxine Berg 
Helen Clifford Dr Helen Clifford
Museum Consultant
Hanna Hodacs 
Dr Hanna Hodacs
Research Fellow
Meike Fellinger Ms Meike Fellinger
PhD Student
Chris Nierstrasz 
Dr Chris Nierstrasz
Research Fellow
Anna Boneham  Mrs Anna Boneham
Project Administrator
Felicia Gottmann 
Dr Felicia Gottmann
Research Fellow