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Between Local, Transregional and Global Materiality

Video Workshop Basel-Warwick: “On Materiality and the Global”

2ndFebruary 2017, 9-00-13.00 (GMT), CMR2.8, University House, Warwick University

9.00-10.10 (GMT)

Michael Bycroft
Exotic Taxa: Boethius de Boodt and the Emergence of the 'Oriental/Occidental'
distinction in European Mineralogy
Chair: Celeste McNamara

Michael Schaffner
"Our goldsmiths have plenty of these": Copying Coins and Exchanging Rarities
between Basel, Turin and Augsburg (1580-1600)
Chair: Sarah-Maria Schober

10.20-11.30 (GMT)
Eva Brugger
Global desires. Fur in the age of projecting
Chair: Anna Reimann

Holly Winter
Loot, Plunder and the Circulation of Goods in Colonial India, 1799-1900
Chair: Desiree Arbo

11.40-12.50 (GMT)

Guido van Meersbergen
Death by Diplomacy: the Dutch East India Company and provincial politics in Mughal
Bengal (1672-1678)
Chair: Meleisa Ono George

Nicolai Kölmel
The Representation of global Trading Connections in 16th Century Venice
Chair: Sonia Calvi

12.50-13.00 (GMT): Final Comments