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IAS Visiting Fellow: Susanna Burghartz (Basel University)

Susanna Burghartz is a leading European historian of matrimony, sexuality and the Reformation. She has engaged recently with the debate on the veil in Europe, and published an article in History Workshop Journal. Her current project “Materializing Identity? Veiling in Early Modern Europe between Tradition and Fashion” explores the long history of veils in early modern Europe and beyond with a specific interest in reformed societies. She will be happy to discuss the tension between habit and fashion as a rather global feature as well as the materiality of objects.

1. Tueday 23 May, 12pm - 1:30pm: Location: H5.45 Humanities Building

Round table on ‘The De Bry Travel Narrative and Engravings as a European Project on Identity, Superiority and Rivalry in Global Perspective’

Reading: Michiel van Groesen, 'The De Bry Collection of Voyages (1590-1634): Early America Reconsidered' (2008)

2. Wednesday 24 May, 12pm - 1:30pm: Location: H5.45 Humanities Building

PG Masterclass on ‘Straits and Passages as Global Sites in 1600’

Reading: Susanna Burghartz, 'Apocalyptic Times in a "World without End"": The Straits of Magellan around 1600' (2017)

Bernard Siegert, 'The Chorein of the Pirate: On the Origins of the Dutch Seascape' (2014).

3. Wednesday, 24 May, 5pm - 7pm: Location: R0.3/4 Ramphal Building

Public lecture 'The Veil in Early Modern Europe’



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