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The Legitimation of Early Modern States: England(1530-1750), Japan(1660-1895), China(1684-1911)

A GHCC and EMECC joint workshop


IAS seminar room, Millburn House, 24 Oct 2018

1.45pm coffee
2.15pm Opening remarks, Mark Knights (University of Warwick)
Wenkai He (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) ‘The Legitimation of Early Modern States: England (1530-1750), Japan (1660-1895), and China (1684-1911)

3.15pm Oleg Benesch (University of York) ‘The Civil Duties of the Martial State: Warrior Rule and Popular Protest in Early Modern Japan’

Song-Chuan Chen (University of Warwick) ‘"Damn the Empires: Qing China’s Foreign Policy and State Legitimation in Canton’

4.15pm coffee break

4.45pm Kiri Paramore (Leiden University): ‘"Politics and Political Thought in the Mature Early Modern State (1650-1830)’

Mike Braddick (Sheffield University) ‘The Presentation of the Self: the Negotiation and Naturalisation of Power in Early Modern England’

Mark Knights (Warwick University) ‘Anti-Corruption and the Legitimisation of the Early Modern British State and Empire’