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Empire in Motion: Transnational Perspectives on the Indian Empire, 18th-20th Century

George Lambert and Samuel Scott, Fort William, Calcutta. c. 1731.

Keynote: Prof. Sujit Sivasundaram, University of Cambridge

A vast historiography has successfully showed that the British Empire in India was more than just a land-based empire, rooted in the subcontinent. Beginning in the eighteenth century, the East India Company laid the foundations for an empire which, by the eve of the First World War, stretched from Egypt to Malaya, from the Arabian Peninsula to Afghanistan, encompassing the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the South China Seas. This empire relied on flows of people, goods, and ideas, with port cities like Calcutta, Rangoon, Aden or Malacca playing a vital role. The development of steamships and railways from the mid-nineteenth century only served to intensify these flows. This workshop will explore this Empire in movement over the longue durée, considering mobility as both necessary to but also potentially subversive of British control within the region.

Friday, 3 July 2020, online

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Professor Nandini Chatterjee, University of Exeter
  • Dr Mark R Frost, University of Essex/UCL
  • Dr Kate Smith, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Devyani Gupta, University of Leeds
  • Dr Purba Hossain, University of Leeds/IHR
  • Dr Josh Ehrlich, University of Macau
  • Dr John Slight, Open University
  • Professor Benjamin B Cohen, University of Utah