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Prof Radhika Singha, IAS International Visiting Fellow

Radhika Singha is Professor of Modern Indian History at the Centre for Historical Studies,
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her research interests focus on the social history of crime and criminal law, colonial governmentality with specific reference to identification practices, borders and border–crossing . A second intersecting research track is the mobilisation of human, fiscal and material resources from India for World War one. At Warwick she hopes to enrich her engagement with trans-national history in dialogue with the Global History Centre, its Faculty and students.

Singha’s first monograph A Despotism of Law: Crime and Justice in Early Colonial India (Oxford University Press, Delhi, 1998) is a foundational study of the emergence of colonial criminal law in British India from the 18th century onwards. It has shed new light on British colonial rule in India and on British imperial practices in South Asia. She is now developing a new project on the military labour practices of the First World War, particularly that of Indian troops in various European theatres of war.

Schedule of Events for Prof Singha:

1. Tue 26 Feb 2019, 2pm - 4pm, Wolfson Research Exchange 3, Library Building
Masterclass- ‘Identity documents: Local, Regional and International Protocols
Reading: Radhika Singha, The Great War and a ‘Proper’ Passport for the Colony: Border-Crossing in British India, c.1882–1922', The Indian Economic and Social History Review

2. Thu 28 Feb 2019, 5pm - 7pm, S0.08 Social Sciences
Global History seminar: The Ends of War: the Returning Soldier and Labourer

3. Fri 01 Mar 2019, 10am - 6pm, Wolfson Research Exchange, Library Building
Doctoral/ECR workshop on The British Empire: Networks, Mobilities, Cultures

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