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The Ethnographic Museum & Global History: What are they good for?

Annual Lecture/Roundtable

Dan Hicks, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

Sadiah Qureshi, University of Birmingham

Jorge Flores, University of Lisbon, Inter-university Centre for the History of Sciences and Technology, CIUHCT

Speaker Wayne Modest, Museum voor Wereldculturen/Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

This event will feature several scholars whose work intersects with ethnographic museums and their often highly problematic collections or the field of global history, or both. The first speaker will be Professor Wayne Modest, who is Director of Content for the National Museum of World Cultures in the Netherlands. His intervention will be followed by short presentations from Dan Hicks (Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford), Sadiah Qureshi (Birmingham) and Jorge Flores (Lisbon). Together, they address the larger questions that concern the ethnographic museum: where is its future? How does a museum broadly concerned with ‘cultures’, and decontextualised ones at that, engage with history? Is there something ‘global history’ can do for the ethnographic museum in this time of fundamental rethinking?

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