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Global Arts: Global Material Culture, Warwick 9 May 2008

Friday 9 May 2008. University of Warwick

Teaching Grid, Warwick Library 12.30 - 17.30

'Material Cultures and Materialities Across the World’


12.30 - 1.00 Lunch 
1.00-1.45 Methodological Introduction: ‘Suckey's Mirror: Material Culture at Global/Local'

Commentator: Ann Smart Martin (IAS Fellow, Warwick)

Reading: Timothy J. Shannon, ‘Queequeg’s Tomahawk: A Cultural Biography, 1750-1900’, Ethnohistory , 52/3 (2005), pp. 589-633.

1.45-2.00 ‘The Material Culture of Early Modern Connections – A Project’

Commentator: Giorgio Riello (Warwick) 

Reading: Donald Quataert (ed.), Consumption Studies and the History of the Ottoman Empire, 1550-1922: An Introduction (Albany, 2000), introduction. (photocopies available)

2.00-2.45 Material Encounters

Commentator: Glenn Adamson (Research Department, V&A) 

Readings: Sujit Sivasundaram, 'Trading Knowledge: The East India Company's Elephants in India and Britain', Historical Journal, 48/1 (2005), pp. 27-63.  

Timon Screech, “Dressing Samuel Pepys: Japanese Garments and International Diplomacy in the Edo Period,” Orientations (February 2002), pp. 50-57. (photocopies available)  

2.45-3.15 Coffee Break 

3.15-4.00 Colours and Words

Commentator: Phillippa Hubbard, (Warwick) 


Robert Finlay, ‘Weaving the Rainbow: Visions of Color in World History’, Journal of World History, 18/4 (2007), pp. 383-431.  

Craig Clunas, Empire of great brightness: visual and material cultures of Ming China, 1368-1644 (London, 2007), pp. 84-111: ch. 3 ‘The Word on the Streets: Cultures of Texts’. (photocopies available)

4.00-4.45 Modernity Revised

Commentator: Emma Markiewicz, (National Archives and Warwick) 

Readings: Jeremy Prestholt, Domesticating the World: African Consumerism and the Genealogies of Globalization (Berkeley, 2008), introduction; and chapter 3 ‘‘The Global Repercussions of Consumerism: East African Consumers and Industrialization’, also published in American Historical Review, 109/3 (2004), pp. 755-782

Frank Dikotter, Exotic commodities: Modern Objects and Everyday Life in China ( New York, 2007) also published as Things Modern: Material Culture and Everyday Life in China (London, 2007), introduction and ch. 1 (photocopies available). 

4.45-5.00 Summing Up



The Teaching grid is located in University's Main Library (no. 32 on the campus map). If you arrive by taxi, please ask for the main library in Library Road. Our room is on the second floor. Please explain to security that you are part of the Global Arts Teaching-Training Event.