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MA in Global & Comparative History

Global History and Culture Centre members actively contribute to teaching on Warwick's MA in Global and Comparative HistoryLink opens in a new window. This innovative MA course is one of the first in the UK to focus on global history, offering you the chance to investigate one of the most dynamic areas of current historical enquiry and debate. At its centre is a core module exploring the way in which global history has emerged, the methods it adopts, the subject areas it addresses, the analytical power it offers, and the criticisms it has attracted.

Throughout, students are encouraged to explore how the global can be investigated in relation to the regional and the local, through wider debates on historical methods and interpretation. This provides an excellent route into studying major regions of the globe, including Latin America, Africa, India and China. It also offers powerful methodologies for studying the historical forces that have and do connect peoples and regions in different parts of the world. In addition to our core modules, 'Theories, Skills, and Methods' and 'Themes in Global and Comparative History', students choose optional modules such as 'Themes and Approaches in the Historical Study of Empire', 'Themes and Approaches to the Historical Study of Religious Cultures', or 'Themes and Approaches to the Historical Study of Consumption'. Under guidance of an academic expert, they will conduct a major piece of independent research resulting in a 15,000-word dissertation. Students on the MA in Global & Comparative History also benefit from active involvement in the Global History and Culture Centre, through participating in seminars, lectures and conferences arranged by the Centre.

This MA degree provides an ideal platform for researching the entanglements and interconnections, as well as the inequalities, that have shaped today's world. It offers an excellent route into PhD research in the fields of global history and culture. Recent postgraduates have also advanced into careers in a range fields, including the cultural sector, consultancy, research, media and teaching. Find out more at: opens in a new window
History Department MA Bursaries

The Warwick History department is offering a range of funding options for MA students, including a 10% alumni discount for Warwick graduates who go on to study for a Masters degree and three MA Inclusion Grants of £1000 each for applicants who pay fees at the Home fees rate. These bursaries are designed to widen access to postgraduate studies for students who come from diverse socio-economic, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Find more information here: Funding for Postgraduate Taught Studies (

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