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Postgraduate Research

Members of the Global History and Culture Centre welcome expressions of interest in pursuing research degrees at the University of Warwick Department of History. Recently completed and current PhD students supervised by members of the Global History and Culture Centre include the following:

  • Malik Hammad Ahmad, Civil Resistance Movements of Pakistan 1977-1988
  • Bhangya Bhukya, Power, Subaltern and Identity: Making of the Lambada Community (a nomadic/pastoral community) in Hyderabad State
  • Somak Biswas, Passages to India: British Indophiles in an age of empire
  • Shrikant Botre, Rationalizing the Body: Sexual Modernity in Colonial Western India
  • Will Bramwell, Imagining the alternatives: The legacies of collaboration and the making of post-war South Africa, 1902-1910
  • Anna Bruzzone, Markets, Colonialisms and the Construction of Sovereignty: Processes of State Formation in the Somalia-Kenya Borderlands (1925-1963)
  • Shengfang Chou, Late Qing China and the British World: Space, Body and the Image of Empire 1840-1920
  • Tim Davies, British Private Trade Networks in the Arabian Seas, c.1680-c.1760
  • Serena Dyer, Trained to Consume: Excess and Restraint in Women's Consumption of Dress, 1770-1830
  • Karolina Hutkova, Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Textiles in Europe and North America
  • Beatriz Martinez Saavedra, Communal Crisis, National Identity and Historical Imagination in Western India
  • Rachael Morton, The Making and Possessing of Quality: The Metalware Trades in England, c.1675-1785
  • Shailaja Paik, Daughters of the Lesser God: Dalit Women's Education in Postcolonial Pune
  • George Roberts, The Cold War in Dar es Salaam, c.1967-1979
  • Darshi Thoradeniya, Women's Health as State Strategy: Sri Lanka's Twentieth Century
  • Josephine Tierney, Global Design Networks during Empire: the design and consumption of British printed textiles for export to Africa 1850-1914
  • David Toulson, World Music, Protest and Opposition to Apartheid 1970-2000
  • Christian Velasco Reyes, A comparative historical analysis of financial institutions in diverse sub-Saharan African countries since the last years of the colonial period until the first decade of the 21th century
  • Meike von Brescius (nee Fellinger), Beyond Company Control: EIC Servants and the Distribution of Chinese Luxuries in Europe, 1730-1770
  • Andrew Whitehead, The Kashmir Conflict of 1947: Testimonies of a Contested History