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Complex publications search


The complex publications search form can be used to create searches more precisely than the simple publications search form. Any fields that you specify, for example "title" will be matched precisely. For example, if you enter "bardic poetry" the journal article of that name will be returned in the results table.

You may also use the wildcard character (*) in your search. This makes the search less precise, but is useful when you cannot be certain about the term to be used in the search. For example, you may enter "bardic poet*" into the Title field. This might return publications entitled "Bardic Poetry" or "Bardic Poets".

Filtering Your Search

The right hand side of the complex publications search contains a set of filters that you can apply to the search results that are returned using the fields specified on the left half of the form. You can, for example, run a search using the fields on the left side of the form, view the results, then return to the search form to add further filters to narrow down your search.