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European History Research Centre


About us

The principal aims of the EHRC are:

  • to support research related to European History, including work which examines the construction of Europe’s borders and boundaries, and explores European links to the wider world.
  • to support early-career researchers and help develop their careers
  • to facilitate collaboration across the academic departments of the University
  • to facilitate collaboration with colleagues across Europe
  • to promote impact activities

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Technologies of Mind and Body in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc

edited by Claire Shaw, Co-Director of the European History Research Centre, and Anna Toropova, EHRC Associate.

The project to create a 'New Man' and 'New Woman' initiated in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc constituted one of the most extensive efforts to remake human psychophysiology in modern history. Playing on the different meanings of the word 'technology' - as practice, knowledge and artefact - this edited volume brings together scholarship from across a range of fields to shed light on the ways in which socialist regimes in the Soviet bloc and Eastern Europe sought to transform and revolutionise human capacities. From external, state-driven techniques of social control and bodily management, through institutional practices of transformation, to strategies of self-fashioning, Technologies of Mind and Body in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc probes how individuals and collectives engaged with - or resisted - the transformative imperatives of the Soviet experiment.



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