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Co-Directors of the European History Research Centre

Claire Shaw Image
Dr Claire Shaw, Department of History

Research Expertise: Modern Russian history, disability history, identity, marginality, history of technology

Anna Ross Image
Dr Anna Ross, Department of History

Research Expertise: Modern European history, political history, state-building, empire, and sovereignty, with specific reference to Germany and Spain

Former Directors

Christoph Mick

Professor Christoph Mick, Director 2018-21
Department of History

Research Expertise: Modern German and Eastern European history, especially Poland, Russia, Ukraine; history of science and technology, memorial culture and nation building.

Mark Philp

Professor Mark Philp, Director 2014-18 
Department of History

Research Expertise: Political theory and political sociology; political corruption and issues relating to standards in public life; history of political thought and British history at the time of the French Revolution.

Associate Academic Staff

Katherine Astbury

Professor Katherine Astbury
Department of French Studies

Eighteenth and nineteenth century French and German literature; the French Revolution.


Professor Maxine Berg
Department of History

Global trade and material culture in the early modern world; economic and social history in 18th and early 19th century Britain and Europe; intellectual history.

Roberta Bivins

Professor Roberta Bivins
Department of History

Domestic medical technologies; medicine and immigration in the 20th century; post-war medical research and healthcare delivery patterns in the UK and USA.

Jonathan Davies

Dr Jonathan Davies
Department of History

Early modern European history, especially violence; the Italian states between 1350 and 1600, especially Tuscany.

Renske Doorenspleet

Dr Renske Doorenspleet
Department of Politics and International Studies

Democratic transitions and consolidation; political institutions; party systems in Africa; quantitative and qualitative methodology.

Rebecca Earle

Professor Rebecca Earle
Department of History

Colonial and 19th century Spanish American history.

Joanne Garde-Hansen

Dr Joanna Garde-Hansen 
Centre for Cultural Policy Studies

Dr Joanna Garde-Hansen's research and teaching focus upon two strands: media, memory, archives and heritage; and media, gender, emotion and ageing. She has published on (digital) media and memory, and her recent public talks have ranged from Madonna and popular culture to flood memories in Gloucestershire, digital storytelling and the work of the Dennis Potter Heritage Project.

Joachim Häberlen

Dr Joachim Häberlen
Department of History

Modern European History, especially Germany and France in the 20th century; Comparative, Transnational and Global History; Cultural History of the Political, Micro-History, History of Emotions; Political and Social Movements, Revolts and Revolutions.

Anna Hajkova

Dr Anna Hájková
Department of History

The history of the Holocaust, Nazi Germany, and modern Central and Eastern Europe; the history of genocide; the history of gender; nationalities; history of everyday life in general.

Mark Knights

Professor Mark Knights
Department of History

The political culture of early modern Britain c.1550 - c.1850, with particular interests in the integration of political and social history, the nature of public discourse, the role of print, and the interaction of politics, literature and ideas.


Professor Dora Kostakopoulou
School of Law

European Public Law, Free Movement of Persons and European Union Citizenship, the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, Migration Law and Politics, Citizenship, Multiculturalism and Integration, Democracy and Legitimacy in the EU, Law and Global Governance, Political Theory and Constructivism, and, fairly recently, Equality Law.

Beat Kumin

Professor Beat Kümin
Department of History

Social and cultural history of preindustrial Europe (esp. the German lands); parish communities; public houses.

David Lines

Professor David Lines
Department of Italian

All aspects of European thought and learning from around 1250 to around 1750; the classical tradition (Aristotelianism and ancient thought more generally) in Renaissance Europe; interactions of Greek, Latin, and the vernacular; Renaissance intellectual history, especially ethics, politics, and science and their configuration in humanism and scholasticism; institutions of culture and learning (particularly universities), with special focus on Bologna and Italy; libraries and history of the book (particularly the library of Ulisse Aldrovandi).

Maria Luddy

Emeritus Professor Maria Luddy
Department of History

19th and 20th century Irish history; women's history.

Christina Lupton

Professor Christina Lupton
Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies

Eighteenth-century literature in the context of media history; theories of the novel; it-narratives and material cultural studies.

Pierre Purseigle

Dr Pierre Purseigle
Department of History

The comparative history of the First World War and especially on the experience of the French, British, and – to a lesser extent – Belgian populations, wartime mobilization, the experience of refugees, and pictorial humour.

Chris Read

Emeritus Professor Chris Read
Department of History

Russian Revolution; Russian intelligentsia 1900-1930; Communism and Cultural Revolution.

Alison Ribeiro de Menezes

Professor Alison Ribeiro de Menezes
Department of Hispanic Studies

Modern Spanish literature and culture, with interests in Portuguese and Latin American narrative, and prose and drama of the Spanish Golden-Age.


Professor Giorgio Riello
Department of History

Global history, 1400-1800 - history of design and material culture, history of fashion and textiles, small scale manufacturing in Europe.

Penny Roberts

Professor Penny Roberts
Department of History

Social, religious, cultural and political history of 16th century France, especially its religious wars; peacemaking and violence; religious minorities and their networks; urban histories.

Ralf Rogowski

Professor Ralf Rogowski
School of Law

European Union law, employment law, sociology of law, social theory and comparative law; governance of employment and social policies in the European Union.

Laura Schwartz

Dr Laura Schwartz
Department of History

Modern British history, particularly feminism and domestic workers.

Claudia Stein

Dr Claudia Stein
Department of History

Medicine and science in early modern Germany (1500-1800); enlightenment science and medicine, strategies of biopower (1800-today); visual culture and medicine (1500-today); the history of epistemology.

Mathew Thomson

Professor Mathew Thomson
Department of History

19th and 20th century British history; history of social policy; psychology and eugenics.

Charles Walton

Dr Charles Walton
Department of History

Old Regime, Enlightenment and Revolutionary France, with emphases on democratization, human rights, liberalism and economic justice.

John Snape

Dr John Snape
School of Law

My research and teaching areas are centred on public finance law and policy in their widest possible contexts.