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Scenario 2
Mrs Tizi is Principal Secretary for the Exercise and Diet Ministry. She has worked hard to make her way through the civil service and to the top of the Ministry. She received her education at Garissa University College, where she studied a Bachelor of Science in chemistry. She is now 43 years old and married with four children. Her first born has just finished her bachelors and is looking for opportunities to gain experience in public service. There are a number of unpaid internships in the Ministry for new graduates. Should Mrs Tizi suggest to her daughter that she apply for one of them? If the daughter does apply, should she advise her in any way about the interview? Should Mrs Tizi decline to have any involvement in the appointments process? Should she tell those people involved in the process why she is not involved? Should her daughter be successful, should she avoid or minimize her own contact with the scheme while it is in operation?

What is the principle at work in the judgments that people make about this example? Why shouldn't she give her a daughter the internship? There is, after all, no financial gain being made. Why would it be inappropriate or wrong? And why inappropriate to point out the opportunity to her daughter.

Once people have thought about these issues, they should also consider whether the same concerns and issues apply in the same way to:

a. a distant cousin

b. the daughter of an old college friend

c. a young person from Mrs Tizi's village of origin with which she stays in close touch

d. a young person who Mrs Tizi meets at a social occasion and who seeks her advice about a career in the civil servcice

If these cases are different - Why?

75. (1) A State officer shall behave, whether in public and official life, in private life, or in association with other persons, in a manner that avoids—
(a) any conflict between personal interests and public or official duties;
(b) compromising any public or official interest in favour of a personal interest.