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Richard Crow and Tim White

Thursday 30th April 2009 at 5.00 pm in room G56, Millburn House


Richard Crow (visual/sound artist)


Richard Crow considers text and the visual image as a kind of psycho-acoustic other through the work and ears (and eyes) of Gerard De Nerval, Henri Chopin, Nurse with Wound , The Hafler Trio, John Duncan, some 'noise bruit' and some outsider sounds....

Tim White (Warwick)


Tim White discusses how Harry Partch's use of texts, from the verses of eighth-century Chinese poet Li Po, via an adaptation of the Bacchae that flits between Thebes and Hollywood, to a late stage work, Delusion of the Fury, which he prefaces with the observation "Words cannot proxy for the experience of knowing - of seeing and hearing", point toward an extended attempt to reconsider how words, music, image and action might meet.