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Text and Visual Image

HRC Interdisciplinary Seminar Series: 2008-2009

The topic has proved a popular one, attracting the involvement of staff from the CAPITAL Centre, Caribbean Studies, Film and Television Studies, History of Art, Italian Studies and Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies.



Thursday 30th April 2009 - Richard Crow and Tim White - Sound Pooling / The Noise of Partch

Tuesday 28th April 2009 - Remo Ceserani and Florian Mussgnug - Visual and Verbal Synergies: The Italian Case

Monday 23rd February 2009 Peg Katritsky and Jim Davis - 'Why the 'family of the we be three' are 'far more than three'' / 'Tubs of butter as platonic ideas: Verbal and Visual representations of English Comic Performance 1780 - 1830'

Postponed Adrian Heathfield and Edward Scheer - 'Walking Out of Life' / 'Delays in Glass'

Tuesday 2nd December 2008 Anne Daye and Ronnie Mulryne - 'Animating the message: the antimasque and masque of Oberon 1611' / 'Art, Image and Power: Entertainments for the Medici Wedding, Florence 1589'

Tuesday 18th November 2008 Kamilla Elliott and Catherine Constable - 'Gothic Portrait Identification' / 'Focusing on the Figural: Inter-relating Philosophy and Film'

Thursday 16th October 2008 Stuart Sillars and Rosie Dias - 'Reading Illustrated Shakespeare: Issues and Methods' / 'Boydell's Shakespeare: Illustration and Imagination'