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Food, Drink, Health, Addictions and Obsessions

Also with an indication of the sort of ingredients, which goes into favourite German recipes.

With a description of the influences on it and the regional differences.

A description of what the different meals mean to Germans and the eating habits in Germany today:

Explore the happy world of Haribo.

This has great vocabulary on the different places you can go to shop, such as the ‘Tante-Emma Laden.’

  • Daily life of young Germans:

Interview with student and why she doesn’t do sport

The gym


Explores the history and innovation of brewing beer.

Lots of information on the bakery and also the traditional foods from bakeries

Lots of information on the traditional and regional foods. Also includes a lot of information about staple foods and spices included in German recipes. (At the bottom there is further information under the ‘more on German Cuisine’ heading.)


This includes information on the pressures that cause people to diet, the history of dieting and the effects and consequences.

Where do the names of our favourite fast foods originate from?

Includes a lot of useful information on the health consequences of having your five a day and how you can have your five a day no matter where you are.

Includes information on the problem of some people not getting enough food and as to why some people simply do not have or cannot afford food.

Rittersaalgebaeude (dining room and bar)
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