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These are all major Austrian Newspapers all taking a different angle and with differing political alignment.

Der Standard is a national daily newspaper. Its readership consists mainly of those with a university or college education. It is also often quoted newspaper in foreign reports. Its political alignment is liberal and independent.

Der Standard

Die Presse considers itself as an independent press, with the slogan “free since 1848” (1848 – Austian revolution) and a liberal alignment and occasional centre right tendencies. It is strongly in favour of free market economy and small government. It is published nationally weekly.

Die Presse

The Kronen Zeitung has the largerst readership in Austria and is the largest tabloid newspaper in Austria. Its style is populist and has many opinion columns. It could be likened to the style of The Sun in the UK and Das Bild in Germany. It has many short news video snippets which can serve as a quick and easy source of information.

Die Kronen Zeitung

Österreich is a new newspaper, with its first publication in 2006. It considers itself a combination of the Daily Mirror, Kronen Zeitung and Das Bild. It has been criticised in the past for the quality of its content.


Wiener Zeitung is one of the oldest publishing newspapers in the world and is the official publisher for formal announcements made by the Austrian Government. Its political alignment is considered to be Conservative.

Wiener Zeitung

Wirtschafts Blatt is the Austrian equivalent of the Financial Times and is published daily.

Wirtschafts Blatt

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