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I have linked as far as I could each of these websites to the section which relates to the main German speaking countries. The links marked with (S) have only had the country entered as a search term and therefore the results may not be completely relevant, but I have included them for ease of use.

For the Switzerland link you must check whether the news relates to the German speaking part if your research is limited to German.

The Guardian – Germany

The Guardian – Austria

The Guardian – Switzerland


The Telegraph – Germany

The Telegraph – Austria

The Telegraph – Switzerland

Financial Times – Germany

For the following links I have set the country as a parameter which means all articles should have some direct relevance to Austria or Switzerland. This should increase the relevancy of each article.

Financial Times – Austria(s)

Financial Times – Switzerland(s)

All of these are simply searches done with the countries’ name and therefore you must be very careful when considering the relevance.

The Independent offers many results relevant to sport.

The Independent – Germany(s)

The Independent – Austria(s)

The Independent – Switzerland(s)

The results from these searches give great variety of information which is relevant to the country if only with one sentence. I found this a great way to learn things you would probably never have known.

The Daily Mail – Germany(s)

The Daily Mail – Austria(s)

The Daily Mail – Switzerland(s)

This site was started with German expats in mind, but has become an international source of news and has everything in English as well.

It therefore makes searching for information much easier as you can quickly find articles in English and then look for them under the German section.

This is probably one of the greatest sources of any information when you are doing a project about Germany.

The link I have given is for news from Germany but you can always go to the home page for other news.

It is also available in many other languages, so if your first language is not English you may find it easier to search in your mother tongue.

Deutsche Welle – Germany

This site is linked with Deutsche Welle and has very current news with frequent updates and a live, although in German, broadcast. (- A great way to listen to clear, but not simplified German, unlike in school.)


Rittersaalgebaeude (dining room and bar)
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