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These are all major Newspapers in Germany.

Die Zeit

Die Zeit is a national weekly German newspaper. Its quality of journalism is highly regarded and respected and the newspaper is considered highbrow. Its political alignment falls mainly between the centre and the left.

Zeit Online

Süddeutsche Zeitung

The Süddeutsche Zeitung is a daily national German newspaper with many highly regarded journalists. Many of Germany’s top journalists works for or have worked for the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Its political alignment is left.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is another daily national German newspaper. It promotes an image of making its readers think and therefore takes care when commenting on events. Its political alignment is classic liberal and sometime conservative.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Die Welt is a national daily German newspaper. It aims to be a quality newspaper and is modelled on The Times in the UK. It is generally considered to be a conservative paper although it aims to be ‘liberal cosmopolitan.’

Die Welt

The Frankfurter Rundschau is another national daily German newspaper. Its political orientation is left liberal.

Frankfurter Runschau

Der Tagesspiegel is a daily newspaper in Berlin. Its political alignment falls under classic liberalism.

Der Tagesspiegel

Handelsblatt in the leading German business newspaper. It's circulated nationally on a daily basis. Its stance on Economic policies is economic interventionism and politically aligns itself with social liberalism.


Die Tageszeitung is an alternative to mainstream press, describing itself as “irreverent, commercially independent, intelligent and entertaining”and politically aligns itself left. It is a good source on current politics and societal issues such as inequality and ecological crises both at the local and global scale with some items not covered by other national conservative newspapers. This gives the chance for you to get another angle on a topic you are researching.

It is a daily national newspaper.

Die Tageszeitung

Neues Deutschland is a national daily newspaper. It is strongly aligned along socialist and communist politics and is also the official newspaper of the SED (now called PDS). It should therefore be noted that when using information from this newspaper that it is not completely without bias (and in some cases strongly pro PDS party leaders) and should probably be mentioned if it were to be quoted. This is however a great source to add another dimension to any topic you are working on.

Neues Deutschland

Junge Welt is a weekly national left-wing extremist publication. It is Germany’s leftmost newspaper and stemmed from East Germany originally. However do not be put off by the term ‘ extremist’ in this case as it is highly valued as a important part of a balanced democracy by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

Junge Welt

Junge Freiheit is a weekly national newspaper considered to be on the right, although self described as liberal conservative.

Junge Freiheit

Bild is the best selling German newspaper and has the 6th largest circulation worldwide. It is a tabloid sensationalist newspaper and has a centre right and populist political alignment. The best description would be to just say it is the German equivalent of the Sun. (Check out this website, which was originally founded specifically to correct Bild documenting errors and fabrication – thus be careful what you read in the Bild – but is now dedicated to the whole of the German media.)


This site was started with German expats in mind, but has become an international source of news and has everything in English as well.

It therefore makes searching for information much easier as you can quickly find articles in English and then look for them under the German section.

This is probably one of the greatest sources of any information when you are doing a project about Germany.

The link I have given is for news from Germany but you can always go to the home page for other news.

It is also available in many other languages, so if your first language is not English you may find it easier to search in your mother tongue.

Deutsche Welle

This site is linked with Deutsche Welle and has very current news with frequent updates and a live, although in German, broadcast. (- A great way to listen to clear, but not simplified German, unlike in school.)


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