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Other German Language Newspapers

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Other German language news papers

Interesting fact: German was the official language of Namibia between 1984 and 1990. There is a lot of evidence of German influence, especially street names, as it was once part of the German empire.

Allgemeine Zeitung is the oldest newspaper in Namibia and publishes on working days and covers issues relating predominantly to Namibia.

Allgemeine Zeitung

Argentinisches Tageblatt is a, despite its name, weekly centrist newspaper in Argentina. It aims to provide coverage of international news with emphasis on the German speaking world. The website is somewhat tricky to use as you cannot search their archive as they have instead chosen to publish the newspaper in pdf form. However the archive does go back to 1998.

Argentinisches Tageblatt

Gramma Internacional is a Cuban news website published in German, amongst other languages. It covers many international topics, but mostly relates its news to Cuban politics.

Gramma Internacional

Liechtensteiner Vaterland is a daily newspaper (except Sundays) and is the largest newspaper in Liechtenstein. It covers international news, however there are more articles relating to Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Liechtensteiner Vaterland

Volksblatt is the second largest newspaper in Liechtenstein and is published daily.


Pattaya Blatt is a weekly German newspaper in Thailand. With a circulation around 5000 it is the most bought German language weekly newspaper in south east Asia.

Pattaya Blatt

Rittersaalgebaeude (dining room and bar)
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