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Let God call you.
Let Him tear you away,
Kick and scream in holy terror if you must.
Let Him slip about your neck
The noose of war,
Which hides beneath a bright sweet coat of faith.
Rip your Bible up:
Form a sword with all the shattered ash of paper.
Tear down the crucifix and melt it,
Melt it down to make a crown
And you may wear it.
Venture off, God’s soldier;
Forsake your weary hours in peaceful church
For long days slicing foreign skin,
Break their bodies as Jesus broke his bread
And drink their winey blood.
You may mar your chalice with it,
With the broken dreams
Of other such bewildered souls,
Now unfettered in their death.
Unburden your heart from life,
Let God quash it, tamp it down
And just destroy.
That’s what He wants.
Forget you’ve prayed:
Take up your earnest blade,
Shine it, polish with the Everlasting Light.
Come join your brothers,
Splay out limbs beneath His sky,
Let their blood soak through His ground,
Let His flies destroy their corpses,
Join them dead there if you must,
Laid there in religious dust,
For all your actions have been just.